Sectarianism as a Means to Liberal Ends

One of the more interesting ways of thinking about Lebanese politics in the last few years was the idea that Lebanese Sectarianism, although morally bankrupt, paradoxically leads to good things like freedom, pluralism and progess. In March 2011, Michael Young wrote: The [Lebanese] sectarian order is deeply debilitating, but it also offers the only mechanism […]

Lebanese Expatriate Voting. How to Take Part in it.

I started this morning the process of registering to vote in the 2013 Lebanese Parliamentary elections. I figured I’ll share here some info and tips that you might find useful if you too are planning to vote. I’ll be using a questions and answer format (f.a.q) because I found it the best way to organize […]

Facts and Figures From Lebanese Embassies On Expected Diaspora Votes

Make sure you check this first-of-a-kind report published by Annahar today on the figures provided by 70 Lebanese embassies around the world on expected vote turnout, conditions for voting and requirements to run such elections. I don’t think embassies are doing a great job communicating the importance of diaspora voting to those of us who […]

Who Are These People?

Steven Cook on liberal Egypt’s shock at the success of Salafists: given the world in which many Egyptian liberals exist, they can’t seem to fathom where the Salafis come from so they complain about Saudi money and the manipulations of Habeeb al Adly’s Interior Ministry in the late Mubarak era, but I have news for […]