Lebanon 4th in the World in Maths and Science Education? Not Really

Beirut Spring’s guest economist disputes a wildly shared statistic — Hold the flag waving – Guest post by Mohamad Alloush When I first read the report about Lebanon’s education system being ranked 4th in quality of math and science education and 10th in overall education, my immediate thought was “where on earth was that statistic […]

Speaking of Lebanese Statistics: Our Eating Preferences

Some interesting findings on the eating habits of the Lebanese: Lebanon residents are eating out a whopping 11 times a week according to a new report by LivingSocial and YouGov. The social trends survey also suggests American food is the take-away favourite and that friends are beating family to the table as the preferred dining […]

An Analysis of the Way Lebanese Politicians Use Twitter

Great work from Thing Media Labs. Make sure you scroll down to see the infographics. Did anything in particular catch your attention? Update: Mr. Mikati’s stats are typical of his political and personal style. Not one negative tweet and no mention of Syria whatsoever. Classic Mikatism: Confrontation avoidance and denial dissociation on Syria.

A Lebanese Consumer Confidence Index

AME Info: The Byblos Bank/OSB Consumer Confidence Index is a measure of the sentiment and expectations of Lebanese consumers towards the economy and their own financial situation, in line with leading consumer confidence indices worldwide. One of the most important indicators in any economy. In Lebanon it could even double as a an unofficial War-O-Meter […]

Lebanon, a Beacon of Tolerance?

The Daily Star has published very interesting poll results on Lebanese attitudes to religion and immigration. Many of the findings run counter to what is commonly accepted wisdom (Apparently Muslims are more likely to want to emigrate from Lebanon than Christians). But here’s the paragraph that I found most interesting: The research found that 76 […]

Poll: Assad's Popularity Dries Up in Arab World

The Arab American Institute, summarizing their “Arab Attitudes Toward Syria: 2011″ survey: Just three years ago, we polled in 11 Arab countries asking respondents to name a leader they most respected. In five of these countries, Bashar Al Assad ranked among the top three mentioned – the only Arab leader to be mentioned in more […]