Lebanese Cartoonist Had To Defend Drawing of Sayyed Nasrallah

This caricature has landed famous Lebanese cartoonist Pierre Sadek in hot waters (Arabic) with “the people of the resistance”. I’m looking at it and I honestly can’t see why anyone would be offended by it. Unless the very portrayal of a man of religion is forbidden, but last time I check such reverence was reserved for […]

American Soldiers Withdraw Publicly From Iraq. Nasrallah's Conspiracy Falls Flat on its Face.

- Oh look! they’re withdrawing! – If you watched CNN today, you can’t escape the part of the news that covers the American withdrawal from Iraq. There are endless videos of military vehicles streaming out of Iraq. There are interviews with happy soldiers. There’s even a reporter embedded inside one of the withdrawing vehicles. It’s […]

Asking Them to Jump into The Fire?

Tony Badran has an interesting take on Sayyed Nasrallah’s Ashoura speech. In his view, the speech serves to prepare a reluctant flock for a confrontation with Israel over Iran’s weapons: The overriding motif of the address was the perseverance of the faithful regardless of the hardships they must face and the sacrifices they must make. […]

❊ Is the Region on a War Footing? The Context for Sayyed Nasrallah's Speech

Today, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made a rare public appearance. One of the things he said was: I address our enemies when I say that the Resistance is here to stay; day after day our troops are growing, our arms are developing and they are being constantly renewed This can of course be dismissed as regular […]

Now Lebanon Kills Blog Post Showing Lebanese Leaders Kissing

This morning while browsing Now Lebanon’s blog I saw a post (now removed, but you can see a screenshot I took here) featuring a Lebanese version of the now-infamous Benetton unhate campaign, with a couple of posters that pair together Lebanese politicians in a similar kind of steamy embrace. I said to myself: There’s no way this […]

Beware Of Al-Quaeda

All sides should try their best not to portray this as a defeat for Lebanon’s Sunnis. Humiliated on Hezbollah TV. (Photo Credit: Yahoo!) As Hezbollah moved into (Sunni) west Beirut and took on the moderate Future Movement, many will be tempted to portray this as a defeat for Lebanon’s Sunnis. That would be bad ideas […]