Lebanese Expatriate Voting. How to Take Part in it.

I started this morning the process of registering to vote in the 2013 Lebanese Parliamentary elections. I figured I’ll share here some info and tips that you might find useful if you too are planning to vote. I’ll be using a questions and answer format (f.a.q) because I found it the best way to organize […]

An Analysis of the Way Lebanese Politicians Use Twitter

Great work from Thing Media Labs. Make sure you scroll down to see the infographics. Did anything in particular catch your attention? Update: Mr. Mikati’s stats are typical of his political and personal style. Not one negative tweet and no mention of Syria whatsoever. Classic Mikatism: Confrontation avoidance and denial dissociation on Syria.

❊ What a Year! Top 11 Non-Political Lebanese Blog Stories of 2011

The year 2011 started with a bang. Literally. The very first post in Beirut Spring in 2011 was about the new year eve’s explosion in Alexandria Egypt. At the time we didn’t realize it, but that explosion set the tone for a year that turned out to be explosive and tumultuous in many ways. The […]