The Islamists are Legitimate Whether the West / Liberals Like Them or Not

Rami Khouri makes an argument: Legitimacy comes from the ballot boxes, not from policies (real or perceived), no matter how distasteful those policies appear to the west or liberals. He even drove his point further by bringing up the American republican primaries: Comical, even farcical, characters like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Donald Trump […]

Bad Excuse

The Economist blasts the main reason pro-Israelis countries are giving for opposing the creation of a Palestinian state in the UN: The argument that the Palestinians must resume negotiations before getting statehood is specious. Why on earth should a change in status at the UN stop people talking? Why on earth? Simple: They don’t live […]

"Wrong Side of History"

Australia’s former foreign minister Gareth Evans: It is difficult to imagine Israel’s leadership changing course at this stage, and it is probably too late for the Obama administration to escape from the domestic political vice in which it seems pinned on this issue. But being on the wrong side of history is never a comfortable […]

What Will a US Veto Against Palestinian Statehood Tell Us About Present-day America

Robert Fisk: So locked into Israel has US foreign policy become, so fearful of Israel have almost all its Congressmen and Congresswomen become […] that America will this week stand out not as the nation that produced Woodrow Wilson and his 14 principles of self-determination, not as the country which fought Nazism and Fascism and […]

On Palestine, the American People is not Stupid

Yesterday I read Thomas Friedman’s New York Times article which was critical of “the most diplomatically inept and strategically incompetent government in Israel’s history”. Then I decided to read the comments on that article. As usual, I sorted the comments by “most recommended by the readers”. I often do that to get the general pulse of […]

10 Reasons Why Europe Should Vote "Yes" For Palestinian Bid in UN

Martti Ahtisaari and Javier Solana: As ever, the biggest challenge facing the E.U.’s 27 member states is presenting a unified front. There are 10 compelling reasons for them to coalesce around a “yes” vote and keep the two-state approach to Middle East peace alive. A good list, some items of which sound almost Machiavellian: The […]