Hezbollah Fighters and American Journalists Shoot Each Other for Fun

Think of this scenario: 4 American Journalists, one of whom was publicly accused of killing P.M Rafik Hariri in a Beirut press conference last year, and another had greatly angered Hezbollah by publishing a supposed interview with one of their operatives accused of killing Hariri, have managed somehow to arrange a game of paintball with 4 Hezbollah fighters.

“It took nearly a full year to pull together this game”, wrote Mitchel Prothero, one of the 4, “and all along I’d been convinced that things would fall apart at the last minute. Fraternizing with Westerners is not the sort of thing Hezbollah top brass allows”.

Long story short, it happened, and Michel Prothero lived to tell the story. They played, they laughed, they joked, and Hezbollah apparently kept cheating and using real weapons. But this for a good cause, Prothero explains. In case you’re wondering why honest-to-god American journalists are playing with terrorists, rest assured that it’s for the greater good:

After more than five years in Beirut, I’d never once found a way to interact closely with Hezbollah fighters. So I wondered: What might I learn if I could get them out of their tightly disiplined environment, into a place where they might relax a little and trust me enough to reveal even a fleeting truth or insight?

This is an entertaining read, but something bothers me about it and I can’t put my finger on it.. Maybe if you read it you can tell me..

Update: But of course there was going to be a parody.. (Thanks Moussa)