Hezbollah's Guide To Fighting Assad's Army

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has managed to resist Israel’s invading army –the region’s most powerful armed force– by successfully deploying guerrilla tactics in what is known as an asymmetric war (where one side is much more powerful than the other). Bashar el Assad’s powerful Syrian army is waging an equally unbalanced war against the lightly armed Free […]

American Soldiers Withdraw Publicly From Iraq. Nasrallah's Conspiracy Falls Flat on its Face.

- Oh look! they’re withdrawing! – If you watched CNN today, you can’t escape the part of the news that covers the American withdrawal from Iraq. There are endless videos of military vehicles streaming out of Iraq. There are interviews with happy soldiers. There’s even a reporter embedded inside one of the withdrawing vehicles. It’s […]

Le Figaro Says Imad Moughnieh Killed Rafik Hariri Behind Nasrallah's Back

Le Figaro paints a picture of a despondent Hezbollah that is cornered, confused and angry. According to the french publication, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah was betrayed by Imad Moughnieh who assassinated the Lebanese ex prime minister Rafik Hariri behind his back. Moughnieh was then killed himself by Maher el Assad in Damascus. The article is behind […]

Who Are These People?

Steven Cook on liberal Egypt’s shock at the success of Salafists: given the world in which many Egyptian liberals exist, they can’t seem to fathom where the Salafis come from so they complain about Saudi money and the manipulations of Habeeb al Adly’s Interior Ministry in the late Mubarak era, but I have news for […]

The American Financial Assault on Hezbollah Continues

That New York Times article about Hezbollah’s finances turned out to be a little amuse-bouche in preparation for the real news: The American government is launching a full on legal war on all parties that have dealt financially with Hezbollah as reported by the Times: The court action, filed in Manhattan federal court, seeks nearly […]

Bottom Line: The Lebanese Government DID NOT Pay For the STL

One of the aspects that grated me most about the story that Lebanese private banks payed for the STL is the fact that the government did not end up paying. It was Lebanese private businesses who footed the bill, and it is still not clear if their shareholders got anything in return, save for perhaps […]

Is Governor Riad Salameh Being Warned Through the New York Times?

- Will he keep smiling? – Considering the length of the New York Time’s exposé on Hezbollah’s finances and the Lebanese Canadian Bank (again, I strongly recommend that you read it) , you will be forgiven if you didn’t reach the very last paragraphs, specifically those that deal with Banque Du Liban’s Governor Riad Salameh’s […]