What Sayyed Nasrallah Wants

Banners by Hezbollah welcoming the Pope To understand Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s calls for protests against the Innocence of Muslims movie, a call that puzzled observers who saw Sayyed Nasrallah as a rational player with no interest in fanning flames at the moment, it is important to look at two driving forces in Hezbollah’s strategic thinking: […]

Operation "The Light Side of Hezbollah"

A few days after “paint-balling with Hezbollah”, we get yet another exposé in an english language publication in which the themes of Hezbollah, entertainment and western journalists getting privileged access and bragging about it, are mixed together. “Inside Hezbollah’s Terror Tech Museum”, published today in WIRE, (more colorfully republished in io9) is yet another piece in which the […]

Hezbollah Fighters and American Journalists Shoot Each Other for Fun

Think of this scenario: 4 American Journalists, one of whom was publicly accused of killing P.M Rafik Hariri in a Beirut press conference last year, and another had greatly angered Hezbollah by publishing a supposed interview with one of their operatives accused of killing Hariri, have managed somehow to arrange a game of paintball with […]

Lebanese Cartoonist Had To Defend Drawing of Sayyed Nasrallah

This caricature has landed famous Lebanese cartoonist Pierre Sadek in hot waters (Arabic) with “the people of the resistance”. I’m looking at it and I honestly can’t see why anyone would be offended by it. Unless the very portrayal of a man of religion is forbidden, but last time I check such reverence was reserved for […]

❊ The National Dialogue. A Waste of Time or a Chance for Hezbollah to Bow Out?

– For a change, this could be useful – From an editorial in Now Lebanon: The national defense strategy is a chimera, a function that allows the Party of God to maintain its weapons while appearing to side with reason and debate. Does he honestly believe that Hezbollah would put its weapons at the disposal […]