Al Jazeera Gets Hold of "Secret Syria Files"

Aljazeera describes the confidential Syria documents it obtained: The files provide an insight into President Bashar al-Assad’s strategy to suppress anti-government protests, including the lengths the government went to for protecting its strongholds. The documents, running into hundreds of pages, point to a government desperate to keep control of the capital Damascus and include clear orders […]

CIA Officials Admit That Hezbollah Damaged Operations in Lebanon

I was initially a skeptic of Hezbollah’s boasts, but CIA sources have confirmed that they were dealt a real blow in Lebanon: The CIA’s operations in Lebanon have been badly damaged after Hezbollah identified and captured a number of U.S. spies recently, current and former U.S. officials told The Associated Press [...] the damage to the […]

The US Government Can (Lawfully) Read Your Emails

The Wall Street Journal: The U.S. government has obtained a controversial type of secret court order to force Google Inc. and small Internet provider Inc. to turn over information from the email accounts of WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum Here’s where I’m personally touched by this story: I met Jacob Applebaum (@ioerror) a few days […]