You Cannot Censor the Web. Now Lebanon Removes Article Critical of Mr. Hariri. [Update: Article Restored]

This morning I read a reasonable opinion piece on Now Lebanon which criticized Mr. Saad Hariri and preferred Mr. Mikati’s leadership over his. I was so impressed with the fresh independence of that piece that I shared it both on twitter and on facebook. One friend, Elias Muhanna who blogs over at Qifa Nabki, presciently […]

The Ultimate Challenge to Lebanon's Censorship Bureau

How do you take on Lebanon’s notorious censorship bureau, a seemingly unaccountable body that relishes in randomly banning cultural works from local productions to Lady Gaga’s albums? Ban this! Challenging them and making fun of them through a successful web mockumentary sounds like a great plan. And this is precisely what is trying to […]

❊ Defending Censorship

Radwan Al Deeb from Aldiyar: The noise in reaction to the censorship of Hotel Beirut is undeserved. Those who are making this noise should know the amount of reputational damage they are doing to Lebanon and to the Lebanese security bodies, unless of course the aim of these campaigns is to serve narrow political interests […]

Lebanese Movie Banned for Explicit Sexual Content

-The instigator- I haven’t seen Danielle Arbid’s “Beirut Hotel” , but from watching the trailer, it seems to me that the film was banned from Lebanese movie theaters not for “endangering national security”, as was claimed by our ever intelligence-insulting censors, but because it features a double-whammy of a taboo: Explicit sex between a Lebanese woman […]

Now Lebanon Kills Blog Post Showing Lebanese Leaders Kissing

This morning while browsing Now Lebanon’s blog I saw a post (now removed, but you can see a screenshot I took here) featuring a Lebanese version of the now-infamous Benetton unhate campaign, with a couple of posters that pair together Lebanese politicians in a similar kind of steamy embrace. I said to myself: There’s no way this […]

Don't Blame the Sureté Generale for Censorship

Claudette Naufal, director of the Beirut International Film Festival, says that it is politicians, not law enforcement that should be blamed: Every time we have had problems with censorship, it’s not [the Sureté Generale's] decision. They always give us the permits, and then something happens like it did in June, when the Iranian ambassador intervened […]

Even in Lebanon, Online Negative PR is Starting To Bite

While mainstream media is busy criticizing Mr. Saad Hariri’s “Amateurism” for engaging with his supporters on Twitter, here’s a little story that reminds everyone why we should take such things a bit more seriously. A few days ago, an average Lebanese guy took a picture in a movie theater in Beirut. He blogged about it, […]

Steven Spielberg's Name Blacked Out in Lebanese Movie Theaters

This is insane. But thankfully, the Sureté Generale is open to talk about it: First, you have to visit their directorate, fill an application form and if it got approved, they’ll be able to talk about the matter. Update: L’Orient Le Jour spoke to an SG official who said that they did not ask Cinema City […]