Lebanese Movie Banned for Explicit Sexual Content

-The instigator- I haven’t seen Danielle Arbid’s “Beirut Hotel” , but from watching the trailer, it seems to me that the film was banned from Lebanese movie theaters not for “endangering national security”, as was claimed by our ever intelligence-insulting censors, but because it features a double-whammy of a taboo: Explicit sex between a Lebanese woman […]

Steven Spielberg's Name Blacked Out in Lebanese Movie Theaters

This is insane. But thankfully, the Sureté Generale is open to talk about it: First, you have to visit their directorate, fill an application form and if it got approved, they’ll be able to talk about the matter. Update: L’Orient Le Jour spoke to an SG official who said that they did not ask Cinema City […]

First They Came for the Iranian Movie Makers…

Hanin Ghaddar on the worrying Lebanese indifference to censorship: the real danger Beirut is facing now is that the majority of its citizens do not seem to care anymore [about censorship]. When authorities curtail freedom and violate human dignity, it calls for resistance. But a heavy air of desperation mixed with fear hangs over Beirut […]