Lebanese Shias Who Support The Syrian Revolution

They have formed a Facebook group. In Lebanese code-speak, “Lebanese from the south” is a euphemism for people who live in majority-Shiaa areas that overwhelmingly vote for Hezbollah. Such initiatives are helpful because, although small, they form symbolic and important stereotype-breakers. Like Egyptian copts who protected Muslim revolutionaries while praying in Cairo and Fadwa Suleiman, […]

"a clarifying moment" In the Syrian Conflict

Randa Slim on what the Chinese and Russian vetoes mean: The Syrian conflict is no longer just about a brutal dictator repressing peaceful protesters [...] The Syrian revolution is now the fault line in Middle Eastern politics, through which U.S.-Russian competition, the U.S.-Iran conflict, the Iran-Saudi regional rivalry, and the Shiite-Sunni ages-old conflict will play […]