❊ The Future Movement Needs More Than Distancing Itself from The Salafis. It Needs To Stand Up To Them

– A Threat? – The Lebanese Salafis are feeling confident. They are emboldened by the rise of Islamists in the Arab world and by the void in Lebanese Sunni politics that Mr. Saad Hariri has left behind. They are making a play for power. They are coming up with charismatic leaders, organizing demonstrations and are […]

"Syrians should beware of 'friends' as much as enemies"

Brian Whitaker on the participants of the “Friends of Syria” conference: There is something surreal about a group of “friends” promoting change in Syria that includes so many autocrats and, as one of its leading lights, the country most notorious for resisting progress: Saudi Arabia. [...] The reality, of course, is that for all countries […]