❊ No, This is not a Tyranny of the Online Activists

Here’s an interesting comment I got from blogger and friend Tony Saghbiny: the last thing we want is artists doing self-censorship because they’re afraid of what would the activists say [...] I’m very sad to see the blogosphere and the activists using their influence to damage the freedom of expression in the country. He is […]

Where Would You Like To Have Dinner Tonight?

Since everyone is talking about the electoral system, I figured I’d pitch in with a little poster in support of the principal of proportional representational. It was inspired by a similar poster made for a UK referendum but I adapted it for the Lebanese. Don’t forget to spread it around!

Lebanon's Dual Nationality Law is a Sexist Travesty

The cabinet with zero women strikes again. If your father’s father was Lebanese, congratulations, you just earned the Lebanese nationality! Don’t worry, even if you or your father have never been to Lebanon, you deserve it (patting you on the back). That’s because you’re the man! You’re the son of a man who’s the son of […]

Lebanese Feminists and Effective Awareness Campaigns

Yesterday, I wrote a post that argued that catcalling shouldn’t be considered sexual harassment because in my mind it didn’t seem equally serious. From the avalanche of responses I got from ladies, I realized how wrong I was. But we still have a problem. I look at who’s sharing that video on Facebook and it’s mostly women. Even those […]

❊ Why Now is the Best Time to Push for Civil Marriage in Lebanon

Remember back in the day when President Elias el Hrawi made a big push for civil marriage in Lebanon? Back then we had an epic battle that pitted progressives (the secular left, liberals, the President and civil right groups) against traditionalists (Religious leaders and a strong Prime Minister). The progressives fought a good battle, but in […]

Now Lebanon Kills Blog Post Showing Lebanese Leaders Kissing

This morning while browsing Now Lebanon’s blog I saw a post (now removed, but you can see a screenshot I took here) featuring a Lebanese version of the now-infamous Benetton unhate campaign, with a couple of posters that pair together Lebanese politicians in a similar kind of steamy embrace. I said to myself: There’s no way this […]

Syrian Revolution iOS App

No Arab Spring revolution would be complete without one (iTunes store link , developer’s website , press coverage), I downloaded it and played with it a bit. It’s basically a wrapper around news and video feeds that are already available online, but it organizes everything neatly into one place. Useful for the truly dedicated followers. What I […]