My New Blog

I just realized that I haven’t mentioned here that I started a new blog. It is more personal, more conversational and geekier than Beirut Spring. In it I write about technology, computer programming, design and other things I enjoy like coffee. And because of its casual nature, I hope to update it more frequently (fingers crossed) than Beirut Spring (which will always be my first-born).

I wish to also remind you of my other pet project Lebanese Blogs, a really good place to read Lebanese blogs. I made some major improvements to it since I last mentioned it here. And I think you really need to give it a second look.

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  • Ekios

    Okay … cool … but .. for #@^#{ sake, get some colors in there !! All B&W ? Aouch ! My brain hurts :(

  • Mike

    Cool and interesting personal blog. I suggest using a better looking theme, or you may hire a professional developer to install and customize a nice one for your blog. All the best