The Death of Two Mohammeds

Two Different people, one common destiny…


One, the one who was targeted, was a middle-aged economist. A former minister and World Bank official. His thinning hair almost reached his shoulders, but when he wore a suit, he tamed it with a healthy amount of hair gel and framed it with stylish binoculars. People close to him described him as brilliant, approachable, cool and open-minded. And he certainly looked the role.

The other, the bystander, was a young teenager. He had the too-cool-for-school look, with his red hoodie, his acne-covering stubble and his street cred selfies with the other boys. His biggest worry at that moment was probably which instagram filter he was going to use, or whether his secret crush in school would dig the careless way in which he was staring at the camera.

The bomb, in typically crude bluntness, didn’t care about how different these people were. It killed them both with equal viciousness and left them both bleeding and lifeless on the formerly-glitzy streets of this part of the capital. They were both named Mohammed, and perhaps a bit of tortured symbolism can be extracted from that. You know, like for example how silly the notion is that the Middle East is in turmoil because Muslims are savage terrorists who can’t live in modern times.

There are many ways in which yesterday’s incident can be analyzed, explained and contextualized. Politics, power struggles and regional wars can certainly account for the big picture. But I worry that we are becoming a bit too desensitized, that we are quickly forgetting about individuals like Mohammad Chaar and Mohammad Chatah whose lives, in all their eventfulness, richness and splendor, get trampled over so casually by this monstrous insanity.

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  • tanyadernaika

    No one will forget them. Their lives have touched us all.

    • Paul

      Christ came so we’d have life and have it more abundantly. What kind of god requires u to murder?

      • Darwin

        What makes you think that Christianity has its hands clean and never savagely murdered or displaced people … the Church has and still commits crimes everyday !!

      • paul

        I’m not talking about Christianity as defined by organized religions, I’m talking about Christ. Show me in the Gospels where he ordered anyone’s death. He came as the sacrifice. Christ said that Satan was a murder and liar from the beginning. Islam teaches it is OK to lie to a Kifer and to the Jew or /christian must be converted or killed. If that is so – who is Allah?

  • laurentcrozat

    when life is destroyed, everyone lost
    hope they now find peace
    and reach serene countries

  • bourho

    quelle malheur si jeune plein de vie . et pour rien . rien du tous !!!!!!! . la politique la religion . n’apporte que de la misère pour le petits peuples . Et sa dure depuis si longtemps . les hommes sont une belles bandes de con . paix a son âme


  • tixier

    Comment ne pas être révoltée par tant de violence qui ne résoud rien,et qui tue ,blesse.
    Une pensée pour toute les familles dans la peine
    Mary Aïcha

  • Johnny

    Je suis un simple libanais et demain, comme tous les libanais, je t’oublierai malheureusement Mohammad. Tes amis attendront après-demain pour t’oublier. Ta maman ne t’oubliera jamais et son coeur restera cassé, brisé, brûlé à vie. Certaines personnes pensent à toi aujourd’hui, moi je pense à cette dame qui t’a mis au monde.
    Bon courage Madame !

    • bourho

      lire sa mes larmes coules . oui pour cette maman a jamais dans la tristesse ( et la haine de l’autre ) Alain / France

  • Khira

    Pensées douces a la maman.