An Ode to Curtains

If I were to pick a hero following the horrendous events of Tripoli on Friday, events that touched me and my family personally, I would without doubt choose the item responsible for the most lives saved on that fateful day: The humble curtain.

Curtains saved my own life; The explosion was strong enough to violently break windows and send large, frightening glass shrapnels hurtling toward certain kills if it weren’t for that most mundane of household objects, when curtains magically transformed into safety nets and stopped those hideous sharp edges from reaching eyes, necks and other body parts. Here’s where I was sitting:

That story was repeated again and again. Curtains protected my wife who was breastfeeding my 5-day old baby near the window. They saved my 4-year-old son who was looking on with wonder as his mother fed his little sister. They protected my inlaws, my friends, our neighborhood barber, our local grocer and most of my neighbors who now owe their lives to pieces of cloth that, much like the victims of the explosions, became unwilling martyrs of that madness that is sweeping Lebanon.

I mourn the many lives lost on that day, but they would have been much more numerous if it weren’t for curtains. If I was asked about the single most important advice to give people who are fearing explosions, my answer would be straightforward: If you don’t have curtains in your home, install some immediately and try to keep them down as much as possible. Hopefully you will never need them, but if you do, your loved ones will thank you.

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  • romeo

    Glad you and your loved ones were unhurt.

    Hopefully you will continue to be a voice of moderation and hope, for years to come.

    My sincere condolences to the people of Tripoli and Dahyeh.

  • maggie

    It’s a blessing you and your family were unharmed.

    The loss of poor souls victim of conflicts created by power-mongers is the sad price people are paying.

  • Rima

    Hamdilla 3assalemi!

  • nofrills (@nofrills)

    Good heavens! Glad you, your wife and children were unhurt. Here in Japan we are told to have curtains closed during typhoons, but these pictures are beyond my imagination.

    Beyond my imagination too is, why they’d bomb a residential area like this. Hope peace will prevail. My condolences to the cities, streets and people who have been targeted.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see you and your loved ones were unharmed. sadly others were not so lucky. I loved Tripoli since I went to school there

  • Daniel

    Good to see you and your family are unharmed. I hope peace will come to Tripoli, Lebanon and the whole region.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Anonymous

    stay safe my friend!

    ibrahim jouhari

  • Anonymous

    Hamdellah 3alsalameh! I am glad you and your family were unharmed. I hope the ones responsible for this horrendous crime be caught and get what they deserve.

    Dalal Haddad

  • Dania

    Hamdilla 3al salemeh Mustapha and to your loved ones too. This is really really horrible. I hope yr son wasn’t traumatized afterwards. Stay safe!

  • Mauro Vaiani

    Thank G-d your are still alive and you may rise your voice. I would like to have your opinion about the menaced Western intervention in Syria. You may read my dissent here: .