Blogging…and a Pivot

It took a while to admit it, but now I guess the denial is over: I am no longer someone who blogs often about Lebanese politics. This post is about why it happened and what happens next.

I first want to say that Beirut Spring is not dead. This will always be the place where I sound off and think about issues I feel strongly about. But lately I’ve noticed that the things I get worked out about, the things that I usually write posts about, are becoming less and less about Lebanese politics. This blog was born out of anger and passion in February 2005, but it grew and thrived because I found the sports of Lebanese politics intellectually stimulating. The crazy mix of Machiavellian cynicism, treachery and tribal alliances caused some people to despair, but for me it was the source of profound fascination. No longer. It’s still fascinating. I still am interested in Lebanese politics, but I am no longer interested in writing about it.

But this is the best time to start blogging about Lebanese politics

Indeed it is. We are on a cusp of major regional realignments and major changes are upon us. As a matter of fact, more blogs on Lebanese politics are being born everyday (examples here, here and here). But I have to be honest with myself. I am more interested in other things these days, notably Tech news and its own fascinating game of thrones. I knew something was wrong when I realized that I spend more of my leisure time reading Techmeme than Naharnet

What now?

If you’re a person who has the habit of browsing to every day (and I still see hundreds of you despite the low frequency of posts), may I suggest that you switch instead to Lebanese Blogs ( as a habit. It is a small website I put together for browsing the latest posts from my blog and from blogs I have chosen myself. It is mobile friendly and easy to browse, bookmark it now!

The reason I put this together is that I realized that many bloggers don’t write very often, but when they do, they usually have great things to say. Another option for you to try is The Beirut Dashboard (, also something I wrote in my diminishing spare time:

I’m happy to get feedback about these project anytime


As I said, this blog is not dead, and it will remain my main vehicle for expression. But the pace of posts will be more relaxed, the topics will be more personal and more about Lebanon in general than Lebanese politics, and perhaps I’ll yap a bit more about Tech. As always, thanks for reading.

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  • Kaled (@_kaled)

    As a loyal reader, I find that what I llike the most about this announcement is that beirutspring proves that it is always evolving and maturing as micro-blogging platform.
    As a power reader, I believe your curated content provides a somewhat decent content (keep in mind you readers value your 2 cents)
    Best of Luck, Mustapha.

  • Dania

    Best of luck to you Mustapha but you’re not getting rid of us that easily :p Quite honestly am sickened by lebanese politics, its like a mexican soap opera. You can watch episode 1 and skip till the 100th and still get the plot. Looking forward to the new and interesting topics you’ll be throwing our way. cheers!

  • EJE

    Good luck Mustapha.

  • Nasri Atallah

    Very wise decision. Now you can comment on the patent wars between Samsung and Apple! :)

  • Sacha Tueni

    Thank you for all your inspiring write-ups, posts and great opinions! Looking forward to reading what you enjoy talking about.

  • Mustapha Hamoui

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate this.. You’re the best :)

  • George

    I thought that the Beirut Dashboard was an awesome and creative idea that I would imagine should be an immediate hit for netizens. Good luck Mustapha and keep those great ideas coming!

  • Mich

    It will be great to follow the new path you take. Good luck :-)

  • Fadi AbouJamra

    I have to admit that you left your touch on my political thoughts, not necessarily in mutual agreement, at times without you even noticing, and even when set as an example. Although I think you did a great move, and I wish you all the best to it, I am not so happy about that pivot of yours, and I have a feeling it might not be for long… :)

  • Feras Mahdi

    Well, for one I am happy to have started reading your blog a few posts ago. All the best.

  • Anonymous

    Spring is about the transformational process – if u ask me- a constant state in which our Beirut is deeply into, across politics, tech, social etc… and basically everything that makes you (@Mustapha) and many others/us, tick. Therefore, the blog title remains a perfect fit beyond just politics, even if this usually stimulates conversations the most. The dashboard and LebaneseBlogs are a nice added value, but for myself, I’ll stick to the Spring.

  • izisaoun

    That was posted as anonymous… I must have hit the wrong entry

  • Lebanese Dinosaur

    I’m sure you’ll write the occasional political post when the itch will come.