The Ultimate Challenge to Lebanon's Censorship Bureau

How do you take on Lebanon’s notorious censorship bureau, a seemingly unaccountable body that relishes in randomly banning cultural works from local productions to Lady Gaga’s albums?

Ban this!

Challenging them and making fun of them through a successful web mockumentary sounds like a great plan. And this is precisely what is trying to achieve through a well produced, pitch-perfect office-style web series. I encourage you to check their very promising trailer and then immediately subscribe to future episodes (I just subscribed by email).

Why this is a great idea

There are two ways in which the censorship bureau can react to this series:

  1. Leave it alone
    This option will embolden the makers of the series to tackle more and more sensitive topics and gather online momentum and become a web hit. If lucky, the mainstream media will pick it up.
  2. Attempt to ban it
    This will immediately prove the series’ point and give it more notoriety (as per the Streisand effect). But the attempt will also fail, highlighting the bureau’s incompetence and ill understanding of the way the internet works

But none of this will happen if we don’t actively try to spread the word about the series. This is why I encourage you after reading this post to a)Subscribe to’s future episodes and b)spread the word by sharing this post.

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  • fadi

    the trailer is pretty shitty