In Defense of Lara Kay

I am not quite sure why a video blogger is getting so much opprobrium from Lebanese bloggers. I’m slightly bothered that most of the criticism is about her physical appearance and the fact that she had what appears to be a botched plastic surgery.

Perhaps what she says or does is not our cup of tea. Maybe you find her work shallow, mediocre, and even pointless. But it’s YouTube for Peet’s sake. Only freaks make it on YouTube and don’t be surprised if she eventually gets more views than all of our blogs’ readership combined.

By criticizing her we’re making the same mistake of those who criticize our blogs and ask “who on earth reads this stuff?”. As we have discovered, there’s a place for all kinds of content online. So give Lara a break and let her do her thing..

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  • Sarine

    I like the way you think! Go on YouTube and check out those freaks. And like most of them will tell you, “don’t watch it if you don’t like it.”

  • Posh

    Look, I think she is free too. Let her be.

    BUT, and a big but, the few moments that I wasted checking her videos out, I was extremely disgusted but, sadly, not too shocked. She is a reflection, albeit very exaggerated, of many women in Lebanon (and even the Arab world). Silly, dazed, and with duck lips that tell of body dysmorphic disorder.

    This is all the time I am giving her. Now I’ll go back to doing something a bit more useful.

    • Nadine

      I agree. Every time I go home I am shocked by how plastic everyone is becoming. There seems to be a craze for fakeness, and people seem to have become desensitized to its ugliness. But it is a symptom of a society that treats women like plastic toys, and the desperation that women feel in competing for the few remaining men in the country.