• ws

    as a professed moderate muslim aren’t you offended (probably even outraged) by such hateful and misguided statements that continue to paint islam as a violent religion? a simple “bigot” is your only reaction! when will the so-called moderates stand up to their muslim faith by calling out and challenging these dangerous elements?

    when i read about this mufti nutcase few days ago i was curious to see what kinda of “coverage” it would generate on your blog, so i was utterly disappointed to say the least.

    In reply to Mustapha:
    “So let me get this straight: I call him a bigot and yet I turn off comments so that people can’t criticize him? Accept this for what it is: A mistake that I just fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.”

  • Mr Kanaan

    I bet this grand mufti has a 9 year old wife like many Saudi clerics. I bet he was just angry because a Christian Relief Organization rescued her… oh, oh, now he will have to find a new bedwarmer to molest. May Allah damn his soul!

  • Eclipse1

    i am a born again christian and every time i wacth the news i see muslims killing muslims i see satan working
    i see prophecies being fullfilled i dont like islam i have a problem with it i see syria in isiah 17 i see iran in ezekiel 38 i see a lot of muslim nations are going to be destroyed i see egypt in isiah 19
    get ruled by fanatics i see libya in ezekiel 20 i see that i see iraq pakistain afganistan all written in joel 3 zacariah 12 and 14
    i also see this
    in a prophecy by jesus there will come a time when they will kill you and think they offer god a service sounds like islam
    just imagine if a christian stood up and said lets destroy all the mosques all the fanatics would come out in there knifes death to this
    it is the only religon in the world that call for death if you convert to chrisian
    this religon
    Yes the god of israel will oneday soon come again but this time he is not comming with love like he did the first time he is comming to punish
    one other thing for the muslim readers the God Of Israel Is the same God Of the true Christians not religus ones God dose not care about Religon he hates it
    if you say you are a moderate then search for your self who has the truth