Let's Work Together to #StopLIRA

In the coming days, various bloggers, activists, online advocates, journalists, designers and lawyers will be meeting to plan a coordinated response to proposed Lebanese Internet Regulation Act (LIRA), Which I wrote about here and here.

Meanwhile, there are Twitter and Facebook efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of LIRA, efforts you can take part of now by monitoring the #StopLIRA hashtag.

Here are what some bloggers are writing about it:

English: Brian, Lilianne, Najib, Khodr, Joseph
Arabic: Imad,  Tony
French: Hala

Lebanese "In Your Face Wealth"

Mexican blogger Maria on how the upper chamber of a Carlos Slim Museum betrays his Lebanese origins:

This is were the Lebanese in Carlos came out [...] Man, this room was a display of wealth. This room was an in your face “I am ridiculously wealthy”. You see, Mexicans like to display their wealth, but we are a bit more discreet (or subtle) with it. [...] Walking through this room felt like walking in Beirut, in front of LeGrey Hotel next to someone in his Ferrari and LV outfit. This was like the botox lady with diamond rings in each finger. This was the Swarosky studded Tag Heuer mobile phone.

Nice.. I wonder though if this is more of an Arab than Lebanese thing..