Almaza Fatigue

The folks at Brofessional Review speak my mind:

it’s just too much Almaza, too much wordplay, and too much cherries topping the cake [...] you always have a date with Almaza! You are married to it! every week and at every occasion! World cup, Jeita voting, Woman’s day, Lebanese football x endless attempts, winter, summer, Valentine’s, elections, association with women silhouettes, hair color and all sorts of shapes and diagrams and icons! Almaza is just anywhere and everywhere.

The only way this can be a good marketing strategy is if their intention is to annoy people like me and get even more publicity…

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10 thoughts on “Almaza Fatigue

  1. Thanks for the feature :))

  2. Emi says:

    بالعكس يا مصطفى! ما في أروع من حملة ألمازا، كيف منتوج بيقدر يتقمص كل اللحظات حتى يدل على حالو! هيدي خاصية كتير لبنانية.. اللبناني موجود بكل مناسبة و كأنه هو أوجدها.. هيدا نحن، هيدا جونا- فعلا.. ألمازا بتمثل التفكير اللبناني و صارت اكتر من قنينة بيرة، مش رح قلك شيل الارزة و حط المازا مطرحا.. بس فكر فيا: هيدا نحن، هيدا جونا..

    • Mustapha says:

      يعني يا اميلي ما عم بعرف اذا عم تحكي جد وللا عم تمزحي :)

  3. Trella says:

    بغض النظر عن موضوع الألماسة ، هيدي اول مرة بشوف مصطفى عم يكتب بالعربي :) شكراً اميلي

  4. Nader Ayyad says:

    Call me a spammer but i really see this as a good place to share the android yamli power keyboard for users that want to write in arabic but not used to the arabic keyboard.
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  5. Dania says:

    Another pathetic example of all the denial lebs are in… sad!

  6. FaiLaSooF says:

    What’s the ad makers ultimate dream? To make AS MUCH PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE talk abt their ad, even those who dislike it!

    I think the makers of Almaza ad have hit the jackpot! Even Mustapha is talking about it!

    There no such thing as bad puplicity…only good one, and they are doing their job just fine my friend!

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