• Jihad

    The “Em” Jones’ journalist writes : “According to Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syria expert and fellow at the conservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies…”

    This Abdul-Zionism works at the Foundation for Defense of rabid and criminal Zionists, just as other Abdul-Zionism from Lebanon (Walid Fares, Tony Badran, etc.).

  • http://www.lifewithsubtitles.com Fadi

    Let’s face it, every government, no matter how democratic, has one of those lists of “people of interest” with similar if not even more details. The fact that the Syrian regime is resorting to violence to quell the opposition movement is worrisome in itself, but let’s not be fooled into thinking that the regime is “so evil that it keeps such a close eye on its own citizens”, every government does that.

    • Shiwa7ad

      Perhaps, but not every government levels entire neighborhoods of its own cities with heavy artillery, and not under every government are children graffiti punishable by torture or death. So the existence of these lists is worrisome, but at the same time it is a good thing that the lists were leaked, since the people listed will know the regime is after them. By the way, nice find, Mustapha

      • Mustapha

        Welcome back Shiwa7ad, where have you been ? :)

      • http://www.lifewithsubtitles.com Fadi

        Which is exactly why I’m saying, the presence of this list is nothing new, or a source of added worry. The regime seems to have gone nuts, and that is the source of worry. It is already assumed that the regime has very detailed information on everyone (it’s a government, it’s what it does). I think this piece of news is more sensation than it is actually surprising, or .. well.. news.

      • Shiwa7ad

        Mustapha: I have been busy in the past weeks, that’s why I didn’t take part in the discussions, but I kept checking your blog :)

        Fadi: “This is what government do”. Well I don’t know, I’d be pretty curious to know what the Lebanese government knows about me (and also, Hezbollah, as they are alleged to have considerable eavesdropping capabilities.) I think it’s definitely interesting to know the type of information governments collect on citizens and the means they use.
        And in the case of the Syrian government, it might be a matter of life and death.

      • http://www.lifewithsubtitles.com Fadi

        See how you link eavesdropping to “evil” entities ? Look at the way the UK government responds to protest movements, pulling over people on the highway for “suspicion of being on their way to the riots”. That’s a combination of eavesdropping, intelligence gathering, and car-plate scanning technology. In the case of the UK protestors, neither the government nor the people were up to anything dangerous, yet the intelligence was used regardless.

        I’m not saying that’s a good thing, I’m just saying it’s there, everywhere else in the world, and it’s not limited to repressive regimes or entities. What the government does with this information on the other hand, is the problem. Which is, again, my whole point. The list is essentially a piece of sensationalism to further the image of an evil syrian government, while at a closer look, under this light any other government would look evil.