What The Lebanese Feminist Movement Needs?

According to blogger Justin:

what the feminist movement needs to really take notice are non-feminist women to join them. The feminist movement needs make-up-wearing, flower-in-hair, nail-painting, MTV-wedding-show-watching women to join their ranks!

It’s a good conversation to have, as it’s important for the movement to expand its base (and I know they’re working hard on doing just that). On a similar note, I was reading a report yesterday about the French dropping the word “Mademoiselle” from official use. The first thought I had was: This will never fly in Lebanon. But then I read that even in France there was resistance (emphasis mine):

[not] all Frenchwomen rejoiced at news of the change, given not only long tradition but also widespread disdain for more avid strains of feminism, deemed to lack sufficient appreciation for the joys offered by the differences between the sexes.

I guess it’s this kind of women that Justin was writing about..

Update: Make sure you check Dana’s piece in the Daily Star about the topic..

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