Pockets of Brazil In Lebanon

A fascinating look at Lebanon’s “Brazilebanese”:

A very interesting phenomenon has occurred in Bekaa: in that area there are towns such as Sultan Yakub where the first language is neither Arabic nor French, but Portuguese […] Those travelling to Sultan Yakoub are advised that once in the town, they may request information in Portuguese since anyone responds instantly […] This reporter took the test and, indeed, the first pedestrian who was approached did speak Portuguese


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  • Teko Saleh

    As a Brazilian correspondent in Lebanon, when I first went to the Bekaa to see by myself this towns like Sultan Yakoub, Ghazé, Baloul and others, I was amazed. I felt home, I felt in brazil. We would sit at someone’s balcony in Sultan Yakoub and drink coffee (brazilian one) and talk about our country, football, the latest political and economical developments. Charming indeed…

  • Jihad

    Ship them back to Brazil!

  • B

    @Jihad not that simple. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Brazil decided to ship our compatriots back to Lebanon?

  • http://www.myfabricplace.com hisham

    That is part of the wealth of Lebanon. The rich tapestry of numerous cultures under our skies. Would you rather it was like some other boring countries in the region without naming them?

  • Alberto Zeraik

    Very nice, but I wonder how much the brazilian way of living (we are a very mixed and plural society) influenced their life back in Lebanon…..
    A place to go on my next visit to Lebanon….definitely