Anthony Shadid is Dead

My favorite reporter has passed away while working in Syria

Fluent in Arabic, with a gifted eye for detail and contextual writing, Mr. Shadid captured dimensions of life in the Middle East that many others failed to see. Those talents won him a Pulitzer Prize for international reporting in 2004 for his coverage of the American invasion of Iraq and the occupation that followed, and a second Pulitzer in 2010, also for his Iraq reporting, both of them for The Washington Post. He also was a finalist in 2007 for his coverage of Lebanon, and has been nominated by The Times for his coverage of the Arab Spring uprisings that have transfixed the Middle East for the past year.

The phrase “by Anthony Shadid” always guaranteed that I clicked a link on Facebook or Twitter. I’m looking forward to the release of his upcoming memoir on his Lebanese roots.

As an aside, Arab media is reporting the news using the phrasing: “New York Times Reporter Anthony Shadid Killed in Syria”. This is definitely (intentionally?) misleading. He died of illness.

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  • Loulwa Kalache

    He was also awarded the AUB honorary degree last June 2011.

    He had an inspiring speech during the graduation ceremony!

  • CopyCat

    This is very sad. I feel so sorry for his family and young children. This life is so unfair. It appears that he was secretly (illegally?) in Syria and I am guessing this limited options for admitting him into hospital. I am guessing this is a risk he understood and thought it is still worth it, which means he is really brave. Sorry, i mean was. it’s so sad.
    Well at least he died doing something he loved, in the line of duty, like Steve Irwin. I will remember him

  • daverushmore

    He was only 43 when he died.
    Never agreed with everything he wrote (mind you there isn’t a single journist I can say that about) but he possessed one of the most important atributes in order to be a good journalist – courage.

  • CopyCat
  • gk

    Unpleasant news! I was shocked when I read it!

  • A bare truth

    He died the way he lived doing what he loved.
    His work as a journalist had an enormous impact on our lives.
    What a loss!!!

  • Ali K

    He gave an excellent interview to Fresh Air on NPR radio. I liked the part about the ancestral house he is fixing in Marjeyoun. Can’t seem to figure out where the podcast is. They have a nice note about him here: