• CopyCat

    This is all by Russian advice on urban warfare, as the same tactic was used in Chechnya, especially in the battle of Grozny. The use of Shilka is not random at all. The Shilka comes where tanks fail, especially as it can traverse walls and kill people hiding behind walls.

    The Syrian regime will not collapse anytime soon, and if it does, the remnants of the regime will survive for years. There are people willing to die for Assad, and don’t expect any foreign intervention.

    Sadly, this conflict is going to stay with us for a long time

  • http://www.lifewithsubtitles.com Fadi

    Didn’t anyone think it was curious that the footage doesn’t show what the tank is firing at ? Just for the sake of the statement “firing randomly into people’s homes” not to be an assumption.. Just saying..

    • ali

      I think the fact that it is firing in a populated area is enough of a concern. Not everything is a conspiracy of epic proportion. Let me ask you, would you risk taking the video? I suspect not. So, let’s view the video in perspective of the person putting their life on the line filming the tank and remove any prejudice of thought.