An Analysis of the Way Lebanese Politicians Use Twitter

Great work from Thing Media Labs. Make sure you scroll down to see the infographics. Did anything in particular catch your attention?

Update: Mr. Mikati’s stats are typical of his political and personal style. Not one negative tweet and no mention of Syria whatsoever. Classic Mikatism: Confrontation avoidance and denial dissociation on Syria.

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6 thoughts on “An Analysis of the Way Lebanese Politicians Use Twitter

  1. CopyCat says:

    that najib mikati never tweets about syria?

  2. CopyCat says:

    or that opinion of him is 100% positive? that is freaky…

  3. Good evening Mustapha!
    Thank you for sharing our post on your blog. We thought you would like to know that we are continuing to do the analysis on a daily basis to publish another study of three full months of data. Stay tuned!

    P.S. We enjoyed the online payment post!

  4. Doha Farhat says:

    interesting, but is it “think” media labs or “thing” media labs?

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