A Note About Ads

In the last couple of days, many of you have noticed (I hope), that I am now displaying ads on Beirut Spring. In this post, I’ll quickly explain why I think this is a good step and why I think you should do the same if you have a blog.

At a certain point, when a blog starts getting a healthy amount of loyal readers and traffic, 2 things start to happen:

  1. PR agencies and business owners start sending you daily emails with requests disguised as “something you might be interested in sharing with your readers”, in the hope of getting free publicity
  2. Your hosting company –ie the place where your blog is stored and served to the world– starts telling you that you need to upgrade to the “professional” plan because you’re using up too much resources (code for high traffic).

By creating an advertising package which I think is very attractive to advertisers without being annoying to readers, I think I can solve both problems simultaneously:

  • I will have a standard response to publicity solicitors “If you want I have a nice and affordable advertising package”
  • An income that is just enough to cover hosting fees 1

I am glad that I don’t need the money, but I don’t want to think of Beirut Spring as another costly habit. I already have coffee for that.

I want to sincerely thank those who have already started supporting Beirut Spring with their ads. If you too are interested in targeting my smart, rich and good looking readers, there’s still one more slot available for the next few weeks. Get in touch to book it now.

Update: Fellow blogger Tarek is convinced I’ll be rich soon. Here’s why he thinks so.


  1. Please don’t feel compelled to propose cheap hosting solutions or hosting it yourself for me. I’m happy where I am and this is less about money and more about the principle of the blog supporting itself


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  • http://loveinlebanon.blogspot.com Ogie

    Hmmm… I understand what you mean Mustapha, but that’s another reason I like Blogger. True, it’s not my own domain, and it may not be as fancy as a WordPress-built account, but it’s free. I personally have many reservations against posting ads in any form on a blog, or otherwise allowing companies to solicit directly. Once again, I get what you’re saying… but I personally discourage monetizing blogs in any form. Obviously you can’t switch your domain or anything, but I look at my blog, for instance, as a way to engage the public. Things are already expensive enough in Lebanon, and we’re already hyper-saturated with ads. No one needs anymore.

  • http://froggy.com frog

    I am one of your most loyal readers, but I was struck by your last sentence. For the record: I’m dumb, poor and ugly as a turd..

    • CopyCat

      don’t be too hard on yourself, frog. all you need is to be kissed by your one true love and you’ll turn into a prince (or a princess)

  • CopyCat

    why not shut-down the blog instead, and get a better hobby, like cycling? you look like you can do with some exercise

  • Dania

    As long as its not invasive who cares :)

  • http://www.waja3ras.com Tarek

    Here’s why I’m convinced you’ll be rich soon!!!

    (Click here, it’s not spam!!)

  • Mustapha

    I understand your misgivings man, but although I started out on blogger, I no longer think its suitable for my needs anymore. So I tried as much as possible not to “saturate” you with ads and to make the ads relevant without being in the way.

    Humor can turn you into a prince :)

    Thanks for understanding :)

    I updated the post with your cool graph. Thanks ! 😀

    • http://loveinlebanon.blogspot.com Ogie

      I get it too Mustapha, we’re just at a difference of opinion. Regardless, I don’t think it will affect the content of your blog (which I like a lot for the record), but it’s just a principles thing for me.

  • Samer Nasser

    Dude, your reasoning here is PERFECT.

    Most of the Internet monetizes itself through ads. It’s a basic fact of Internet reality. Anyone who doesn’t like it can just read a newspaper! :)

    Paywalls don’t work, micro-payments are a hypothetical part of some future that never seems to make its way into the present, and unmonetized content is ALWAYS at the unfair expense of the producer.

    In short, ads are the only game in town! Place them without regret or misgiving! The real triumph is boasting enough traffic to attract advertisers. If that’s where you are with a blog, then serious kudos and congratulations to you, my friend! That’s no small accomplishment! :)