Now Lebanon Kills Blog Post Showing Lebanese Leaders Kissing

This morning while browsing Now Lebanon’s blog I saw a post (now removed, but you can see a screenshot I took here) featuring a Lebanese version of the now-infamous Benetton unhate campaign, with a couple of posters that pair together Lebanese politicians in a similar kind of steamy embrace.

I said to myself: There’s no way this is going to stay here. I was sure Now Lebanon was going to kill it (after all, they’ve done it before). So I wrote a comment on that post saying “let’s see how long those will last”.

My comment never showed up (but you can find it in the cache). The post was removed less than an hour later. At the time of the page’s removal, the post was seen around 6500 times. What was seen cannot be unseen.

Update: I wrote a follow-up post speculating on why it was censored.

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  • Joumana

    Regretfully, as I never wanted to see that. Ew ew ew.

  • Najib

    You have to understand them Mustapha. This is not a matter of censorship or not and I told Angie she better not keep it cause she could get sued in violation of Lebanese laws ( attacking a religious figure).

    Not that I agree with all that, but it’s as silly as being jailed for criticizing the president. You simply can’t do and you’d expose yourself if you did.

  • Tobias Joens

    Manto92 very good