• http://toddkuffner.com Todd

    This is incredible. I need to learn Arabic faster.

    • leo

      In the mean time their is Memri.

  • Dude

    OMG..The lack of civility amongst the Lebanese especially in politics never ceases to amaze me. This is not politics; this is nothing more than ridicule, personal insults, threats and intimidation. How can these people ever come up with anything meaningful for the people of Lebanon when at any given moment a simple dialogue over foreign leaders can erupt into screaming match or a fist fight?

    My humble advice to the educated, level headed people of Lebanon; find a new home where you can disagree with your opponents without having the risk of getting into a fist fight! And to the Angry Arab dude, this will be in the “WEST” .

  • http://qifanabki.com Qifa Nabki
  • CopyCat

    Wow, never thought Alloush had a foul mouth like that! Toufic is so different…

  • ali33


  • Z. H.

    Even though I think that Fayez Shaker was at fault first, I think that Allouch could have behaved a lot better and would have won the argument if he kept calm. I mean they each know that the other is coming, so why the loss of nerves?

    It’s incredible to recall that, just seven years ago, Allouch would have went to jail during the break. We have come a long way, but we still have a longer way to go. That shows how backwards our proud and silly Lebanese people is.

  • GK

    It shows that the followers of the Syrian Regime (Ba3ath, Weam Wahab and the rest of the gangs) could not stand anyone who opposes to their point of view! They think that everyone should listen to them or else! That’s why the uprising in Syria will not end until the Syrian regime is gone! The Syrian regime is not open for dialogue!!!

  • Dania

    best laugh I’ve had in a while at leb politics :) they should get syndicated or something… serves us right I say! They didnt land from Mars, we are responsible for their behavior as much as they(and others politicians) are because we put up with it and let them degrade our standards in this manner. In 2013 these guys will get elected if they run because thats who we are.

  • http://www.waja3ras.com Tarek


  • Passingby

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist laughing at the devilish, and at the same time childlike, face of Allouch when he repeats “kadhdhaaab” (he used to remind me of Tintin). The face of Shaker was indeed indescribable…Allouch is usually peaceful in his public appearances.I guess he feels somehow vindicated by history, since, I think, he was left out of the election race last time. Z.H.’s comment about being taken to jail if this was done years ago is pertinent. To this day,the Guardians of the Old Order like Shaker still seem to live in that time, and feel they are in a position to insult, threaten and even launch objects at the face of anyone who dares not treat their Beloved Leader like a god. Don’t know if Allouch’s boldness comes from accumulated anger or from an informed reading of the changing situation in the region. If it is the later,things could get even tougher for Syrian government. But who knows?

  • Wael

    I heard Alloush is a black belt in Judo. I wish they had clashed so we could see an Ippon :)