Steven Spielberg's Name Blacked Out in Lebanese Movie Theaters

This is insane. But thankfully, the Sureté Generale is open to talk about it: First, you have to visit their directorate, fill an application form and if it got approved, they’ll be able to talk about the matter.

Update: L’Orient Le Jour spoke to an SG official who said that they did not ask Cinema City to cover Spielberg’s name.
“Spielberg’s name is on the black list, and we could have legally banned the movie.” he said. “But these days we’re being flexible in implementing the law”

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  • Dania

    just when u think they cant get any dumber… what a stupid thing to do!

  • daverushmore

    WTF!? That’s mental. Who came up with that decision? This guy?

  • daverushmore

    *puts head in hands* Just read the first link – let me get this straight, it was the General (Internal) Security which made that decision?

    وفي اتصال أجراه “سكايز” بإدارة السينما اليوم الاربعاء 9 تشرين الثاني/نوفمبر 2011، قال محمد مروة: “لقد قمنا بإخفاء اسم المخرج عن الملصق بناءً على طلب من الامن العام اللبناني، كونه على اللائحة السوداء في الامن العام”. وتابع: “أرسلنا طلباً الى الامن العام لإزالة الغطاء الموضوع على اسم المخرج لكي يظهر، لكننا لم نتلقَّ أي ردّ حتى الآن”

    which if I’m not mistaken kind of translates as this

    And in a call call made by Skies (Samir Kassir Eyes) with the cinema management on Wed 9th November 2011, Muhammed Marweh said “We obscured the name of the producer from the poster due to a request from the Lebanese General Security as his name is on their blacklist.” adding “We sent a request to the General Security to remove the sticker covering the producer’s name so that it can be seen. But we haven’t up till now received any response”

    un-f**king believable. It’s beyond parody.

  • G-man

    It’s silly to just censor his name but let his movies make a profit in Lebanese cinemas. If it’s true he gave financial aid to Israel during the 2006 war, the ISF shouldn’t let the bastard make money off the moviegoers whose killing he proudly and joyfully encouraged in 2006.

  • Bronxman

    I copied the below from the letters sent to the blogsite referenced in Mus’s article above (Even in Lebanon, Online Negative PR is Starting To Bite). It seems relevant here. As the lady says, it sounds like a little research would be useful:

    “Trish says: November 10, 2011 at 10:56 am
    Naw–the USA never bans anything. You guys are funny, getting all worked up over a Jewish non-Zionist giving $1M to — NOT Israel — but the New Israel Fund which Israeli Zionists hate because it funds Palestinian NGOs and civil rights movements. The money he gave was earmarked for improving hospitals in the Galilee, providing hot food for children who were evacuated….not exactly a “Zionist” cause, huh? The Lebanese are supposed to be the smartest and most cultured people in the Levant–c’mon, do some research before jumping to conclusions.”

  • IluvLebanonCDS

    I am impressed by the stupidity of this society – although reading what the “intelligentsia” of Lebanon post as comments on this blog, I’m not at all surprised.

    BTW, I thought Jews only drink the blood of Christian youngsters? Or has the Passover recipe changed to include the blood of Muslim youngsters?