• Mark

    To listen to it in Arabic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvq_dy6L0uc

  • Jihad

    This is what the so-called historical speech really meant:

    Oh! rabid Zionists, keep killing the Palestinians and the lackeys in the Collaborationist Authority like your humble servant Mahmoud Abbas will be more than happy to assist you. And please, please, don’t stop giving the Fatah goons like Saeb Ureiqat and Yasser Abed Sharon those VIP cards they grew to love.

    Oh! rabid Zionists like our beloved WASP president Barack Bushama, I will make sure that the Palestinians will keep on getting killed and dispossessed while my dogs in the security services will proudly assist the Zionist army in repressing them in the name of unarmed resistance.

    To the rabid White Man, in Paris, London and Washington, I am the poor Mahmoud Abbas willing to lick your boots and be your lap dog. Thank you for your confidence in me and I hope to surpass youtr expectations in the coming months and years.

    • G-man

      lol I never believed a single word that drug dealer ever said

    • Craig

      Obama is a zionist now? lol

      Dude, you need to get yourself checked in someplace where you can get some help.

  • http://www.joyeux-bordel.com Ekios

    @ your question : No it won’t. Why would it be, USA will say no. That’s it :(

    • Craig

      It’s already been history-making, Ekios. The US just got disinvited from the peace-process. Whatever happens in the future, it’s unlikely to resemble what’s happened in the past.

    • ih

      “Russia has fulfilled an important role in preventing the Quartet from publishing a statement calling on the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state in return for the ratification of the 1967 borders as a basis for negotiations, and for the prevention of a UN appeal,” [Nabil] Sha’ath said.

  • Panorama

    A very poor speech – if, that is, the yardstick by which success is measured is advancing the Palestinian cause. Abbas needs to spend more time convincing his own people and the Israeli people of the virtues of peace – rather than the leadership of Gabon and Nigeria.

    Alas, the fatal flaw in the speech rested in his description of the Holy Land, which he related as a place of special meaning for Christians and Muslims alike. Hmmm…. doesn’t look like he has much to say to Israelis?