Saying the Right Things

Minister of Telecommunications Nicolas Sehnaoui:

“What we’re doing in the ministry will turn the sector on its head; it will unleash huge amounts of economic and human power […] It’s going to make Lebanon become one of the most advanced countries in the field of Information Technology and Multimedia Creativity.”

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  • Ekios

    Yes, mee too .. I’m curious to see how fast (and at what COST) Lebanon will grow up from her neanderthal age in the Information Technology …

    But I shouldn’t be so sarcastic, who knows, it’s the Lebanese after all, and “sometimes” they give to themselves some pretty nice surprises .. :)

    ( PS : I have no doubt about the creativity part)

  • G-man

    Comments by Mr Sehnaoui:

    “Due to limitations on the internal back bone (that we are fixing fast as we can with half the country trying to slow us down) caps have been increased by 2 to 5 times only. Min 4GB and max 30GB (the 8Mbp/s plan).”

    “I understand your frustration because i share it. I am a heavy user of bandwidth too and i have been living in frustration since 5 years. But at least i am doing something about it. As for for the fatalist attitude saying that all politicians are corrupt or inefficient or… I don’t share it at all since me and the other FPM ministers are working day and night to fix whaterver we can fix in our ministries. And i promise you results as i’ve already shown and much more to come until we catch up with all the delay we’ve accumulated and until we have the speed and unlimited capacity we aim for.”

    “We are. Installing fiber optics in all Lebanon. Phase 1 (connection of centrales) will be over in Otober 2012. It will allow once we strecth the FO to the homes to get a minimum speed of 100Mb/s.”

    “Our problem is internal, we are dealing with decades of corruption and trying to bring you step by step feasible solutions. Let’s keep our comments positive for the sake of the team that is working hard to fix things!”

    The least you people could do is be grateful for the progress instead of just nagging and cursing and blaming the FPM ministers for the destruction of Lebanon’s communications that your corrupt leaders had been doing for the last 20 years, since the day the Syrian Regime put them in power till the day it took them out of it.

    • fatsamuari

      It’s an Iranian conspiracy I tell you

    • Shiwa7ad

      “The least you people could do is be grateful for the progress”

      Well, it seems to me that this is precisely what Mustapha is saying. He’s just waiting for the progress to happen to be grateful. Now if in October 2012 we have connections of 100 Mb/s with a cost of, say, 50$ a month, I promise I’d be grateful. Not grateful to the point to make me forget how Aoun applauded the massacre in Syria and the May 7 events in Lebanon, but still grateful enough to vote for Sehnanoui at the next legislative elections (not other Aounis). If on the other hand, the promises of Internet Nirvana turn out to be similar the Assad’s promises of reform, or, to be fair, Hamadeh’s promises when DSL was introduced, I can’t say I’d be surprised.

      • G-man

        You misunderstood. Phase 1, FTTN (fiber to the node or ‘centrale’), will be completed in October 2012, not the fiber to the home. Meaning it will bring speeds in the range of 10 to 20 Mbps but with unlimited bandwidth usage. The minimum 100Mbps speeds will be available when phase 3, FTTB (FO to the homes or buildings), is carried out. But it’s still going to happen before the 2013 elections, so are you going to vote for Sehnaoui?

        Don’t think about what Aoun did, think about what will happen if Hariri wins, then Marwan Hamedeh and his DSL son take the telecommunications ministry again, and you will be measuring your speeds in Kbits again.

      • Shiwa7ad

        “You misunderstood”

        Sorry, my mistake.

        “But it’s still going to happen before the 2013 elections, so are you going to vote for Sehnaoui?”

        If by 2013, with him as minister of telecommunications, it is possible to obtain a 100 Mb/s internet connection for 50$ or less at least in the Greater Beirut area, I hereby pledge to vote for him, unless he *personally* does some particularly egregious thing, like praising new May 7-like events (Reji3 el train 3al sekkeh type of comments.). Also I hereby pledge not hold him accountable for Aoun’s comments (otherwise my pledge to vote for Sehnaoui would be entirely hypocritical, since I *know* that Aoun will be spewing outrageous declarations at least on a weekly basis.)

  • Choura2yak

    What i’m afraid of , is that all this festivity regarding the internet will fade, since we have to see the quality of the service provided by OGERO and the other private corporations. Guys they might say that the speed is 1Mb/ sec while effectively it might not be the truth! we have to see the consistency of the connection! till now in some region, DSL is not consistent!
    On the other hand regarding 3G services which will be launched in 2012, did anyone got any information regarding the Price ? or the limit or even the coverage of 3G ? and if you need to get 3G for your phone and for your laptop, is it going to be under one account, or 2 ? all these details should be clarified … because they can say we started 3G service in lebanon but for 100 USD / Month and 2 GB quota … WOOOOW choura2yak in such an offer ??