The Lame Threat of Resignation

From today’s Daily Star:

Mikati has a card described by political observers as the strongest among cards held by the parties participating in the government: The threat to resign, something which the March 8 parties cannot afford to live with.

Hmmm, where have I seen this before? Oh yes, from last August:

[P.M Saad] Hariri has a significant card to play. That card, quite simply, is his resignation.[…] he can make his resignation very painful. Either way, the prime minister’s departure could leave behind a mess that both Hizbullah and Syria would not relish having to clean up.

I wonder how that worked out for him..

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  • Shiwa7ad

    “I wonder how that worked for him … ”

    For him personally, I’d say it turned out quite well. He’s certainly safer outside Lebanon than inside. For his political side, it’s too early to tell, yet. The long term strategic thinking of March 14 is that it is not possible to govern Lebanon, a country that is so dependent on foreign sources of income, be it tourism or expatriate remittances or commerce or international banking, to adopt a policy where agreement with the political line of Hezbollah takes priority over other considerations, including economy, relations with the West, etc. Until now, through some acrobatic moves, and by accepting some humiliations like the episode of abducted Estonians and the Dutch diplomats, Mikati avoided all clashes and maintained himself in power. He also avoided clearly taking the side of the regime in Syria, although his official declarations are in general favorable to it. But how will he manage if the regime continues its massacres, especially now that Lebanon is part of the security council ?
    In my view, and probably the view of March 14, there are huge risks associated with the policy of the government, some of which will inevitably materialize. If this view turns out not to correspond to reality, then Mikati would have well deserved his premiership, and will probably be rewarded by a good score at the next election. But, if things do not go well, then he will bear the full responsibility of a decision he took against the will of his former electoral allies, and a premiership he obtained because Hezbollah thought he would manage the STL file in a way that would be more in line with the interests of Hezbollah.