❊ Thank you Tom MacMaster

I don’t know who you are, but I already know that you’re a prick.

You say you never expected this kind of attention? Bullshit! A gay girl in Damascus who writes in perfectly good English? A damsel in distress who’s easy on the eyes and fights tyranny in her country, only in the end to be kidnapped by regime goons? Can there be a more effective attention grabbing device? A prick and a liar you are Mr. MacMaster.

Thanks for deceiving tens of thousands of people into supporting “Amina”, joining Facebook groups and changing our avatars on Twitter. Thank you for making us all look like idiots and for diverting our attention from the real people who are being tortured in Syrian jails..

You have forever tarnished the reputation of bloggers in this region who chose to write in English. One day if I’m kidnapped by my government, many readers won’t care because I could turn out to be another Amina. A fictional entity concocted by a western fool who had good intentions.

Thanks a lot…

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  • http://oussama-hayek.blogspot.com OH

    Fair points Mustapha. I let my anger at Electronic Intifada (regarding another issue altogether) cloud my judgement when I wrote my last comment.

  • Z H

    At least mus you can now divert your attention to the worrisome story of Hizbullah artillery deploying in the North of Lebanon, at Ouyoun Orghosh and other locations; Moueen Mereby seems to be sure of his story.

  • http://dany.me Dany

    Well said Mustapha… I don’t think his intentions were good, no conspiracy theory, but it’s just not right, not innocent.

  • Gabriel

    The guy posted: “Yes. We will be doing a first interview with a journalist of our choice in 12-24 hours. After that, we may consider other media.”

    Talk about a media whore

  • Gabriel

    I find this jerk’s sense of self importance hilarious. He gets caught as a liar and fraud and then has the gall to blame ‘Liberal Orientalism’.

    What a jackass.

  • Gabriel

    wow, another Gabriel?

  • Gabriel

    too weird!

  • WTF??

    this is gonna be a feasts on syrian state TV to make a point that what’s happening in syria is planned by “outsider hands” as they have been claiming for the past 3 months … u should change the title to F**K you Tom MacMaster!!!

  • http://eccelibano.blogspot.com/ LNH

    Red flag number one (after the fact of course, although in my defense, this is the first time I hear of “Gay Girl in Damascus”); No Syrian woman named Aminé would call herself “Amina.” That is, of course, unless she’s an “Angry Arab” groupie, to whom Tabboulé is Tabboula, Jounyé is Djounya, and other such silly dishonest hyperforeignisms and stilted-arabizations.

  • http://blog.libnanews.com/frenchy frenchy

    I was a little bit certain of the “construction” of that personnage since she was claiming to be “kidnapped” by a security service using a car with a bassel assad sticker.

    Maybe the author did not that that guy died in the 90’s and that they would have been displaying bachar or another syrian’s regime member still alive.

    Great I did not invest my time on that story

  • June

    It has nothing to do with orientalism but everything with Quakers (a protestant sect) who worked in Iraq and need money to survive so they end up with an Academic job in a European university. Of course by then they are working for the US department, and this helps to have access to scholarships and jobs.

  • Nadine
    • Mustapha


      • Tobbe Janson

        Hi Mustapha! You were also quoted in the Swedish morningpaper Göteborgsposten on this issue! No link to this though, only in paper-paper. I love yer blog btw!

  • http://theidentitychef.com Darine

    Great post!

    • Mustapha

      Thanks Darine :)

  • Le Moose

    Also, you are quoted on NPR ( Morning Edition)!

  • wws

    For what it’s worth, Mus, I always imagine you as a hot American girl in her mid-20’s posing as a Lebanese man named Mustapha.

  • R.

    And it turns out that another one of the sites that published her material, LezGetReal, is also run by a middle-aged man posing as a lesbian:

  • lally

    It gets better in that our Ms Paula Brooks @ LezGetReal and AminA carried on a lesbian flirtation w/ eachother.

    How great is that?

  • Chico

    Hi its my first time on your blog i saw your response on AlJazeera English and i have to say, well said.

  • http://mpetrelis.blogspot.com/ Michael Petrelis

    hi mustapha,

    please remember this is not an isolated case of an american male intellectual posing as an arab. there was also the case of scott long, the former head of gay programs at human rights watch, impersonating a gay arab:


    i am truly a gay american man living with aids from san francisco, and i deplore what tom macmaster has done.

  • nadim shehadi
  • Eagle

    Why do you assume he had good intentions? Because he said so?

    Or maybe he was working for US intelligence, and his intentions were not so good. That makes much more sense when you think about the way he ended the blog. There was no way that wasn’t going to get attention. But if your aim was to increase the pressure for regime change (not that I am against that per se) then it’s perfect…

  • FaiLaSooF

    From all this dilemma, one THING really hurt me the most! Through out that blog, I had a CONSIDERABLE amount of respect for her family, especially the father. I was really happy to see another shape and face of fatherhood in this orient…..ONLY to find out that it is nothing but a game someone felt like playing…….

    But maybe such parents do exist after all…who knows?

  • Jihad

    Let it be a lesson for those “Arabs” who wag their tails whenever a White Man utters a word and or makes a gesture.

  • http://espritdefemmes.blogspot.com/ Esprit

    I am scandalized by this history which carries damages of the damages to the activists of the homosexual cause! Good courage, Friendly, Spirit women’s

  • cprincess

    ‘damages to the activists of the homosexual cause’…..

    how about ‘damages’ to the Syrian people who right now are enduring a brutal crackdown- this is a regime that tortures to death 13 year old children…
    “Hamza El Khateeb” -goggle him.
    Tal AL Mallohi -teenage girl blogger sentenced to 5 years in prison for spying-goggle her…you’ll see that its about a fight for the most basic human rights…