• http://www.argeo.org Mathieu Baudier

    Oh yes, at last!!!

  • http://blog.libnanews.com/frenchy frenchy

    some pluggin they are using derive from wordpress … it seems it is a wordpress installation replacing the lotus suite they were using on the old website.

    But i dont like the new colors. They can use more “happy ones”

  • http://beta.naharnet.com Sami

    There is no wordpress plugin. A few open source JS plugins though.

    The new platform was built in-house from scratch using Ruby on Rails.

    This release is just to test that the platform is working as planned after which many many new features will be released. The purpose is also to quickly replace the old and aging Naharnet and have a new future proof platform.

    The design and color code will definitely evolve in the near future.

    • Mustapha

      Good job sami, let me know if I can help..

  • http://www.joyeux-bordel.com Ekios

    At least it’s not the disgusting yellow anymore ..

    Thx for this first change.

  • f

    Aesthetically it is better, but it is missing the absolute KEY feature of Naharnet, the one which has kept it as my default Lebanese news site for years (even while working at the competition): The really, really long sidebar list of past articles displayed alongside every article. You can browse/click through it and catch up on the past day (or several days) in a glance.

    Please guys, keep the sidebar!!!!

    • http://beta.naharnet.com Sami

      You can actually go through that really long and now endless list by clicking on the section you want.

      We will bring you a smart list very soon though which will give you the next articles from the category you were browsing before clicking through.

      • f

        Hi Sami,

        I know it makes me sound incredibly lazy, but what I love about that long list is I don’t have to click through anything to see it. On any site, you can click through an endless archive. But it’s annoying.

        When you add this smart list, please make sure it includes at least 20 stories or so. Again, I repeat, for me this sidebar list is THE competitive advantage Naharnet has over NOW Lebanon and the Daily Star, and the thing that really keeps me coming back.