❊ Why Did Ghassan Ben Jeddo Resign From Aljazeera?

Assafir quotes “sources” on why Ben Jeddo wrote his letter of resignation:

The Chanel ended a dream of objectivity and professionalism after Aljazeera stopped being a media source and became an operations room for Incitement and mobilization

If you think you heard this before, it’s because you have. These are the same accusations that the Syrian regime and its hacks have been peddling on TV in the last few days.

Assafir’s “sources” (and one has to bring up Assafir’s history of making up news and putting words in people’s mouths) also mention –rightfully– Aljazeera’s shameful silence on Bahrain. But Ben Jeddo’s real anger appears to be with the coverage of Syria (or he would have resigned after the Bahrain crackdown began weeks ago).

All of this begs the question: Why didn’t Ben Jeddo quit over Aljazeera’s “incitements” in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen? To many observers, Aljazeera is not doing anything in Syria’s coverage that it didn’t do in Egypt’s or Tunisia’s. One can even argue that the channel was more gung-ho and much more sensational in those countries.

To answer, one has to look at Ghassan Ben Jeddo’s claim to fame: He’s one of the few journalists who has access to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah. He’s the one who gets the “privilege” of interviewing him whenever the Hezb wants to make an Aljazeera appearance. That access, it now turns out, has strings attached.

This could all turn out to be a little publicity stunt by Ben Jeddo to make it clear (To Hezbollah, the Syrian regime and the Iranians) that he does not support what his bosses in Qatar are doing. After all, where would he go from Aljazeera? to Almanar?

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  • Karim

    It’s difficult to believe that, just because he has access to interview Sayed Hasan Nasrallah, that he is under the patronage of the Iranian regime, let alone Hezbollah or Syria. If you follow Bin Jedo’s history, you can tell that is more of a populist pan-arabist than a defender of Iranian foreign policy. We have to admit that the Qatari-Saudi-American raproachment has led to Al-Jazeera’s loss of objectivity. Here is what Obama said of the Emir of Qatar and Al Jazeer, while not being aware that he was still being taped. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/theoval/post/2011/04/obama-no-big-move-toward-democracy-in-qatar/1

  • Wael

    Ben Jeddo is complaining about objectivity and professionlism?!! WTF..

    He’s a mouthpiece of Hezbollah and Aljazeera lost all its credibility in Lebanon because of him!!

    But you cant blame the guy, he got a Hezbollah wife!

  • Dania

    So Ben Jeddo finally realized that about Aljazeera…. maybe now he’ll have some time off to pick up his dropping jaw everytime he does a piece with nasrallah. Am sure a spot will promptly be open for him on almanar. Abbas Nasser must be gloating.

  • gk

    I really question assafir’s story! Assume it is true, why now! Incitment? That how Aljazeerah got its reputation. Look at its coverage of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and now Syria! Let Almanar hire him!

  • Dania

    some news is suggesting he might get a public office in Tunisia…

  • CopyCat

    Dania, isn’t bin jeddo algerian?

  • rad

    The way AlJazeera has been operating and reporting is not far from Ghassan Ben Jiddo’s description at all. The was a recording of Azzmi Bshara in Al Jazeera studio that was recorded off air, where Azzmi Bshara and the Interviewer were discussing which countries to talk about. In the segments Bshara told the interview why did you talk about Bahrain, the interviewer answered it will look good with the company, Bshara also said “stay away from Jordan”, lets do Syria for 40 mins !
    The way that AlJazeera has been covering Bahrain for example is a joke, compared to the way it has been covering other countries like Syria. Also the interviewers have been bashing and attacking anyone who makes any argument in favour of the Syrian government.

  • Dania

    No Copycat he’s tunisian and his mum’s lebanese I think

  • Danny

    Lesh el ta3assob ya amawi?

  • mohamed lahbib

    ben jeddo is a real arab coragous man who understands that aljazeera channel is operated and guided by cowards arabs
    and by the nato and isreal.ben jeddo has really uncovred the ugly face of aljazeera .the slave Hamed of katar is carrying the orders of his masters the leadrers of the nato .Hamed the pig
    and albahreen amir have put their dirty hands with their colleagues in the arab golf in the hands of jewish who dream to capture the the whole arab country.I would like to thank mr.BENJEDDO for his brave step which really will make a stop to this dirty channel.

  • Peter
  • Toufic Renno

    From a genealogical standpoint, what does Ben Jeddo mean? How can one be his own granfather’s son? Unless…

  • Ali

    In the midst of the revolution in Egypt, Ben Jiddo was on OTV praising the people of Egypt and condemning Mubarak. He was speaking propaganda, not professional, objective journalism. In that very same interview, he called Assad a champion of Pan-Arabism. Not only is he a propagandist, he’s also a hypocrite. Aljazeera’s coverage of the events in Syria is real reporting. Instead of resigning from Aljazeera, Ben Jiddo should have asked his Hizbollah patrons to give him access to Syria, so he can do some in-field proffessional journalism. It’s ironic how he, himself, is editorializing, and then quiting in request of objectivity. But his fans shouldn’t worry. We won’t miss his face for long. Soon enough, you’ll see him on AlManar or New TV.