Assad Cannot Disown His Repressive Regime

Watching the various talk shows on satellite TV about the Syrian unrests, I’ve noticed a common talking point emerging from the pro-regime apologists. It basically goes along these lines: “President Assad is at heart a reformer, but he’s surrounded by people from the old guard who don’t want to grant freedom to the Syrian people. But now, President Assad decided to override their wishes and enact real reforms. Just wait and see”.

In case they haven’t noticed, President Bashar (not withstanding the fact that they still call him the “new” president) has been in office for more than 10 years. If he really wanted reform and freedom for his people, he would have long sidelined this ‘old guard’.

But Mr. Assad, like with most of his policies, wants to have things both ways. He wants to be both the hardliner and the reformer, the calm interlocutor and the thundering refusenik, the “western educated doctor” and the roaring defender of Arab dignity. He wants to be everything to everyone so that he can keep his cards open.

Now he’s trying this old trick with his own people. Throwing his “old guard” advisors under the bus is yet another inelegant instance of him abandoning responsibility for something we all know belongs to him…

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  • CopyCat

    well said. We are tired of this regime. half of the ills in this country are his family’s fault. Our leaders must wake up and smell the hummus. this is going to affect Lebanon big time. I hope M14 will not be strengthened. we need new faces with a fresh agenda. the Lebanese and syrian peoples deserve better, we deserve change. M14 is just a saudi instrument, and we’d like to see the saudi regime go too, sooner or later.
    I would like to have a discussion on possible implications for lebanon. these are exciting, yet precarious, times

    • ak

      nice try copycat, aka HA-propagandist, for you to state you are ‘tired’ of this regime…. how so funny

      • CopyCat

        You’re right. Afashtni ya me7tel. I did not know there were people as smart as you who can see right through me, but there you are! what can I say, i’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why just call me an HA-propagandist. You can maybe say i’m a Syrian spy trying to fish out people against the regime. anyway, if you’re now finished with your juvenile way of dealing with opposing opinions, can i please go back to the adults table and discuss some real politics, while you go and prepare for bed? kids should not stay up more than 8 at night

      • ak

        copycat, anyone who read your lame posts on this blog for the last few months could easily see you’re nothing but a HA-propagandist no matter how you spin it. So for your like to say now you’re tired of Syria is cheap and soooooo funny…

      • CopyCat

        so you repeated the exact same thing you just said above again. is that supposed to make it true? throwing ad hominems in my face is really mature and advanced.
        I will not get on the defensive dude, because you’re not worth it. People like you don’t listen. they have prejudices and no matter how hard you reason with them, they stick to their fixed ideas about the world around them. Actually, you lie sir. Please go back to my posts and see how I numerously criticized Hezbollah, deeply and not just superficially. I have also consistently criticized the syrian regime. Now maybe you want some attention like a 2 year old toddler, or maybe you’re just plain dumb, but i’m not what you claim to be.

      • ak

        copycat, chill out man. the more you blabber the more hilarious you get. maybe we should call you jumblatt for trying to rebrand yourself and pull a 180…. still you’re sooooo funny.

  • CopyCat

    i would also like to hear from Hani 😀

  • gk

    A lot of people don’t know that Asad Jr. has been in office for more than 10 years! He had already got rid of the old guards: Khaddam, Sheihabi, for example!

    A video was released recently showing Maher videotaping the bodies of the prisoners who had an uprising against their jailers! On te video you can hear guns shots execution style! By the way, 1,800 prisoners were killed!!!

    Bashar is playing the good cup (him) and bad cop (Maher) game so they can stay in power. The end of the dictator is near! Allah protect the Syrian people and get rid of the Syian regime!

  • ws

    One thing for sure with Assad’s downfall it will be the final nail in HA’s coffin. No more threatening and arrogant speeches from HA’s loud mouths. Yup, brace yourself for a humbler Qassem and Raad (they know where they can stick their waving fingers) for I am sure they’re scratching their turbans thinking WTF…