5 thoughts on “Tunisia's Revolution Babes

  1. fadi says:

    I guess hot babes with banners is an ingredient for a successful protest

  2. fadi says:

    ps– is that all our fellow tunisians get?!?!
    A small ps- mabrouk tunisia?!?
    And in between parentheses too?!?!

  3. Undertoad says:

    Lebanese protest chicks are twice as hot as Tunisian protest chicks.

  4. Mariam says:

    I think that this being a matter of discussion is sad and shows how backward our world still is.

  5. Jihedfrom philly says:

    pfffff, those comments. Chicks, babes? Interesting blog Mustapha. Should learn from the Tunisian bloggers who where the vehicule of this revolution, not of the botox revolution seen there. A vomir

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