• http://facebook.com/rami.comedian Rami

    No photoshop can beat that!!

  • f

    I apologize if this has already been discussed elsewhere on the blog, but a comment about the posters in general — have you guys noticed how it kind of looks like Ahmadinejad is shielding the cedar from his sight and cringing away?? It’s even more striking when you see the actual billboards.

    Presumably he’s supposed to be saluting Lebanon, but I find the poster communicates rather the opposite message.

  • amy

    That’s very funny. Exactly what I thought, too. As though he was shying away, or trying to get away with something he wanted those cedars to know nothing about :-)

    • f

      haha, yes exactly!!

  • http://ibuycondo.com Shayan

    I think Mahmood is there to clean her ass after she is done :)

    Dear friends from Beirut, Persian (Iranians) like you guys and we are with you in your war for freedom, but you should know that people hate Ahmadinejad in Iran, he is a killer, don’t get close to him, that’s all :)