They Want To Burn The Iranian Flag In Tripoli

If you think all the Ahmadinejad action will take place in the south, think again:

Acts of violence against Iranian interests in north Lebanon’s city of Tripoli were being prepared to coincide with a visit to the country by Iranian leader Mahmouad Ahmadinejad, security reports revealed Thursday.[The] violence will include burning of the Iranian flag and pictures of Ahmadinejad upon his arrival in Lebanon mid-October.

Here’s a thought: If CNN had a choice between covering cheering crowds in the south and covering angry crowds in the North burning Ahmadinejad dolls, what would it choose?

The Iranian embassy in Beirut announced, with a straight face,  that Ahmadinejad’s visit “Aims to Strengthen Lebanese Unity, Consensus on Resistance”.

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  • Mariam

    People need to learn to be civilized. seriously.