Lebanese Bloggers "Pioneers In The Arab World"

Tony Saghbini:

A recent survey of readers of the more than 400 blogs in Lebanon shows that their numbers are close to the online readership of the most well-known Lebanese newspapers: both averaging 14,000 visitors daily. This is a clear indication that blogs have become one of the main media sources for Lebanese youth to access diverse information and various opinions.

You might think he’s exaggerating, but he’s not. This blog had more visitors in August than the websites of Almustaqbal and Al-diyar combined. But that is simply because the bulk of the readership of those newspapers are in the paper versions (and I am still easily trounced by the “well known” Annahar, Al-Akhbar and the Daily Star‘s websites)

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  • fadi

    it’s because your blog is one of the few places where we can read what’s happening from somewhere that’s not a political party’s mouthpiece.
    Thanks for giving us this option :)

    • http://www.beirutspring.com Mustapha

      Thanks for your confidence Fadi. I’m flattered..

  • http://blog.libnanews.com/frenchy frenchy

    I m totaly agreeing with you.
    For the french part: got 1300 unique visitors on my blog (according to the stat tool i m using) for 2170 for L’orient (according to your site analytic tool
    But this is why anonymous blogging is considered as a threat … as an alternative media and a way to have “non corrupted” analysis.
    However we might link that to the fact that most of the medias in Lebanon are politically biast.

    Dunno if you followed that news about an iranian blogger in jail.

  • http://britinbeirut.blogspot.com BritinBeirut

    Mustapha, the Rupert Murdoch of Lebanon. 😉

    Yes, that is very tounge in cheek.

    On a serious note, I’d echo Fadi.

  • Elie

    I used to read the Daily Star religiously a few years ago (I’m born in the U.S., so reading the Arabic sites doesn’t work so well for me), but its gotten so loaded with popups and annoying ads that I even got a virus from one the popups.

    Its been so much easier to keep all the Lebanese blogs in my google reader and and if something big comes up, I can count on you to post it (an even translate it!).

    I think blogs like this have a big future, especially as Lebanon moves forward with political uncertainty. Just keep it virus free!