March 14 Has Charisma Deficit

Qifa Nabki on the “disparity in rhetorical competence” between March 14 and March 8:

Think about it. Whatever you may think of Nabih Berri, Michel Aoun, Suleiman Frangieh — to say nothing of Hasan Nasrallah, the greatest orator of his generation — is there any doubt that they have a way of connecting with an audience that their opponents simply do not possess?

He has a point. But at the same time, it is my own sense that the March 8 team errs too much on the side of demagoguery. This could come back to haunt them with the moderates (as it did with the last elections).

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  • Steve

    You’re right.

    Also what is it with the Middle East where people confuse demagoguery with being a good orator?

    Nasrallah isn’t a good orator at all, he just rants, and he says the same thing over and over again.
    In fact his speeches are all a bit “Derp! De Derp! Ta Teedly Tum!”

    He could at least give us some new vocab to learn.

  • fadi

    all the competent people in M14 are now martyrs, the remaining either just found themselves in an awkward position (amin gemayel, saad hariri etc) or have no integrity (jumblat)

  • f

    i’m not sure i even agree with QN’s premise. with the exception of nasrallah, who among the M8ers has much in the way of charisma or oratory skills these days? what they’ve got, that M14 doesn’t, i would argue, is a ‘sexy’ message that can still get people worked up. M14’s message has gone stale. i’m not sure how it can be reinvigorated.

    i suppose it’s a classic opposition-majority dynamic, but in this case, it’s exacerbated by the fact that the majority has failed to accomplish ANYTHING through its ‘vision’ since 2005. so they’re the status quo party, but the status quo sucks, and doesn’t even represent their own ideals. no wonder the masses aren’t more enthusiastic about M14 these days.

    and of course it doesn’t help, as steve points out, that several of the more charismatic figures have been assassinated.

  • f

    whoops, should’ve been ‘as fadi points out’. though steve makes a good point as well :)