Lebanese Sex And Liberation

Check out this rare first person account by a Lebanese woman on sex and left-wing politics.

Here’s my beef with the author though: Liberation is all about self-reliance. I don’t know why she’s asking the sisterhood to shield her from her bad experience. It would be like moving from the guardianship of her parents to the guardianship of her peers. The point of empowerment is this: You’re your own person now, and you have to suck it up when things go bad, confident in the thought that you’re becoming a stronger person.

(PS: Oh mighty google robots, kindly ignore the title of this post, please.)

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  • http://guymeetsworld.wordpress.com BeirutBoy

    I read this article thanks to your blog and found it to be really interesting.

    I get what you’re saying, Mustapha . But I don’t think it’s all that bad for empowered and liberated people (in this case, specifically, women) to still seek support from their community.

    Oh! Another title for the article could have been more suitable.

  • http://idnavigator.wordpress.com Ali

    Social safety nets are part of what keeps individuals soldiering on. The old way has its sectarian, clan-based safety nets and it refuses to give them up – there need to be newer safety nets, most especially for Lebanese women, or else people will push them over on an individual basis as statistical anomalies and rare examples.