• JohnDoe

    Let it be said that on 2008 Mother’s Day we in the coalition of M14 are defending/dying to protect our Mother-Land against Iranian/Syrian Tyranny.

  • ghassan

    I wish I am in Lebanon to join you against the Iranian-Syrian thugs! But the war should be a guerrilla war. Sniping once and move on in addition to grendas!

  • anono

    What’s stopping you ghassan?

    Looks like the American puppet is taking advantage of Hezbollah’s magnanimous gesture. Time to teach him a lesson.

  • Suzanne

    Not Tripoli, but the Druze Village of Choueifat in Lebanon (warning: graphic images!):


  • shankaleesh

    choueifat is not a druze village. it is a mixed village. also, the perpetrators were druze against druse in choueifat. very little sha7m.

  • http://theinnercircle.wordpress.com theCourtFool

    Couldn’t you have used political terms instead of sectarian.

  • shankaleesh

    CHOUEIFAT, very little sha7m.

    btw, why does the aerial map of tripoli look like the profile of a pig’s head? (the circle shape located center-left looks like a funny cartoon open mouth.)

  • http://www.drybonesblog.blogspot.com yaakov kirschen

    Shnkaleesh is right!!
    The aerial map of tripoli DOES look like the profile of a pig’s head.
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