Support Free Speech In Lebanon

Please spread the word: The real target of Hezbollah’s vicious campaign is free media in Lebanon.

A little something I designed for those who want to spread the word (details below)

Hidden under the coverage of explosions, smoke and gunmen roaming Beirut is the real story: Hezbollah and its backers in Syria and Iran can’t stand any voice that freely express a different point of view.

The guns were dispatched to silence the voice. All over Lebanon, in Beirut, In Tripoli, in Saida, and in Bekaa, Iranian and Syrian allies are targeting the media organizations that are critical of their regimes. This is an orchestrated, pre-planned campaign that includes dismantling hardware, destroying archives and intimidating Journalists.

Regardless of where we stand politically, we have to make it clear to the world that we will not accept tampering with the free exchange of ideas, the main foundation of any democracy.

Please do everything you can to spread the word and be part of this:

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Regular folks and activists:

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2- You can send an email with the text below to politicians, newspapers and anyone you know who might have access to international media.

Future TV Anchor Sahar Al Khateeb on the situation:

Future TV Manager Nadim Munla explains the situation:

Future TV in Ras Beirut:

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  • Anonymous

    I am from the south, and I want to say I am sorry-not that sorry is enough or means anything- I am sorry for what is being done under my name. I am sorry for what is being done to you and to me…I am sorry..I am sorry..and ashamed, and enraged, and sad..I do not know what to say other than I refuse this in every shape and form I refuse it, and I want to wake people up..I want to shake them and get them out of their sectarianism..I want to scream and say STOP STOP are destroying the house on our heads, you are destroying us before destroying anyone else, you are dumping down the drain your efforts over the years, you are dumping down the drain the blood of all the martyrs, and all our tears and are destroying yourself before anyone else, and every moment you continue with this is a disaster.
    I am in disbelief and I do not know what to do, but I want you to know that I as a lebanese from the south do not support this…

  • Mustapha

    Nobody is blaming you anon,

    Keep safe..

  • Libanus

    Mus- It’s a good initiative, but honestly what we need is something much stronger. In the face of Hezbollah’s calamity, all we can fight back with is by saying “we want free speech”?
    The messages we need to propagate (in the realm of media attacks) are ones like:
    “This isn’t a Lebanese internal affair. Help prevent Syria and Iran from controlling Lebanon and spreading their influence across the middle east.”
    “Stop Hezbollah Now.”
    “Hezbollah is worse than Al-Quada.”
    “If Hezbollah wins, the whole Western world has lost.”

  • Lalebanessa

    Ok Abou Steif,
    Banner Uploaded to blog.
    Link to Youtube video emailed to the world.

    Anonymous, it is people like you that keep our hope in a whole and true Lebanon alive.

  • Mustapha


    The entire idea is to save the power of “Soft power”. We don’t want to get into point scoring and sound bites.



  • GK

    I am working here to spread the atrocities of Hizb-Iran which is supported by the Syrian mafia regime and the mullahs regime in Iran. Will do my best and to my family, friends, and fellow Lebanese, be patient and as Seniora said: “The oppressor will control for an hour, the truth will control until the day of judgment!”

  • Libanus

    I don’t think that soft power works with Hezbollah. We gave them an inch, they took a yard, plus some.
    They only understand if they are punched in the nose. They have been creeping-up on us like cancer.
    Look at the whole world being totally passive and absent from doing anything. All they are doing is paying lip service, while Hezb has taken action and terrorized us.
    If Hezb is doing all this so they can preserve their fighting power with Israel, then let them take that battle to the South and finish it once for all; either they will win, or they will get defeated once for all.

    As we say, eza beddon yetyarjalo, yetyarjalo on Israel, not on the civilian population of Beirut.

  • JoseyWales

    Well our IDIOT PM Saniora got the message and proceeded to do what he does best: cave the f&&ck in.

    Naharnet: 2:55pm The Saniora proposal also calls for adopting an ethical code by media organizations halting campaigns and counter-campaigns.

  • Blacksmith Jade

    Hey Mustapha, do you have a vertical one better suited to a black background? I put it up but it looks a bit wonky.

  • Brooklyn

    I see you dropped the “Hezbollah have no support” delusion, and have moved onto a “freedom of speech” angle.

    This is about freedom of speech – Hezbollah’s freedom to state that Siniora is an Israeli agent, and a traitor to Lebanon.

    The difference between you two is that Hezbollah is telling the truth, and that’s why they have support, and why you don’t.

  • Brooklyn

    lol @ how your disingenuous email doesn’t even mention Siniora’s attempts to undermine Hezbollah’s security. “This is all about freedom of speech. Don’t look at Siniora’s two traitorous edicts.”

    Such a disingenuous and despicable human beings. You people are just liars, pure and simple. Lebanese see this, and this is why you have no support.

  • Brooklyn

    “I don’t think that soft power works with Hezbollah. We gave them an inch, they took a yard, plus some. They only understand if they are punched in the nose.”

    You don’t have the power to punch anyone in the nose. They are the majority in Lebanon, because unlike you they tell the truth.

    So try to punch them in the nose, and they’ll break yours. Hope that helps!

  • Jester theCourtFool

    You had to make the background blue, eh?

  • bronx

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  • Riad
  • Riad
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  • Libanus

    You’re not intimidating me, nor others.
    The laws and behaviors of the jungle apply to animals.

    Seniora’s government and pro-government people don’t put pictures of Bush or Sarkowzy in their areas. Hezb et al. is full of Assad pics and Iranian leaders; so who is the puppet and liar about who is backing them?

    I don’t care if there are lots of Shia; that doesn’t make Hezb a majority, as Hezb doesn’t speak for all of them.

    If Hezb wants to show their strengths, let them do it with Israel. Otherwise, they are cowards to attack unarmed civilian areas who don’t want to fight.

  • Ado

    Let your freedom of spoeach says louds what’s happening in tripoli by the Future militias,how they are terrorizing the citizin and burning private propreties…..
    It’s not Goverment versus Hizbo militia,but it is Future militia versus Hizbo militia….
    f***c Sanioura f***c the soul of Hariri kid

  • Libanus

    Let me put this another way:
    If someone burns your house then shits in it, and all you say to the outside world is that you want no more shitting- then you’re not telling the real story.

    There are more important issues at stake than freedom of speech in Lebanon. The very existence of Lebanon is at stake, and we should call Hezb’s game by what it is, and stop pussying around with them.

  • Tim van der Ven, Holland

    I’ve visit your country several times, enjoy’d being with my friends, got and given respect, tolerance. Love to talk with everybody about everything.
    Believe me, violence will never win… maybe for now it’s hard, but sometime somehow somewhere they will learn that a democratie is the only way to try to give ALL people what they need and want………
    I’d hoped to visit Lebanon with my two daughters of 10 and 12, but I’ll sit this one out…
    Please stay strong and keep faith….
    RaT(Respect and Tolerance) to everyone,
    Tim van der Ven

  • bob

    god europeans are pussies. “Believe me, violence will never win.” believe ME, you know nothing of history or humanity.

  • beiruti ussly

    Jamal Basha, the butcher of Beirut strikes again, nearly a century later. This time however, the butcher of Beirut is not a product of Ottaman empire, but that of the Persian empire. The butcher of Beirut is non other than Hasan Nasrallah. The new legacy of this deranged, party of Satan leader is that he is as eager and willing to slaughter anyone(regardless of creed , nationality or race) who stands in his way. Not to be outdone by Damascus, he wants to start a blood bath of his own. The butcher of Beirut by his actions has written his own obituary. There was a time when Saddam thought he was invincible. Hasan’s fate will be no different.

  • Lebanese

    lol. Take your medication ussly.

  • Lamees

    I just want to say I am SORRY and ashamed of all whats happening in ma name against any Lebanese anywhere…I
    am ashamed!!!

    I wish me and ppl like me where more heard…
    Stay safe everyone…allah ye7mikon w ye7mi Beirut w Lebnen killo…

    Beirut lal jamee3…

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  • Suzanne

    Libanus said:
    “The messages we need to propagate (in the realm of media attacks) are ones like:
    “This isn’t a Lebanese internal affair. Help prevent Syria and Iran from controlling Lebanon and spreading their influence across the middle east.”
    “Stop Hezbollah Now.”
    “Hezbollah is worse than Al-Quada.”
    “If Hezbollah wins, the whole Western world has lost.””

    When Hezbollah attacked Israel, Israel reacted. Back then you could have done so much – such as helping Israel in getting rid Hezbollah. But instead many of you showed their hatred towards Israel more than their hatred towards Hezbollah who had dragged Lebanon into this war. It’s time to wake up. You had the change to get rid of Hezbollah back in 2006 if you just would have cooperated with Israel. Instead you lay on your back like a defeated dog do whatever Hezbollah wants to do to you.

    Nevertheless; as long Hezbollah did not take over Lebanon fully, there is still hope. I wish the Lebanese a lot of strength to cope with these militants and I fully support initiatives like the ones of Mustapha – it’s a beginning; let it not end there!

  • Dee

    What is happening in Beirut and all of Lebanon is unacceptable. People build deserts and work on them too hard to turn them into paradise. Our country is heaven on earth but some terrorists are turning it into hell, a deserted island. An island which is only occupied by selfish individuals pursuing their obstinations n those of more powerful countries that are controlling them. Those people are born fighters; they want to fight Israel, free palestine, and god knows what they are hiding for us.
    Lebanese people want to live. Lebanon has always been the land were people from all religions and sects coexisted; I hope hezbolla’s dreams and plans won’t put an end to this country.

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  • Libanus

    I agree with your comments, but Israel made the mistake of bombing the rest of Lebanon which wasn’t even close to Hezbollah. That changed everything.

    Had Israel not bombed anything North of Beirut, history would have been totally different, and maybe Hezbollah wouldn’t exist anymore militarily-speaking.

    In hindsight, Israel owes Lebanon that they come back and finish the job they didn’t finish. Otherwise, they will have another Iran on their borders. The longer they wait, the more difficult it will be, because the cancer is spreading.

  • Ado

    Freedom of speach my ass….when it comes to future TV….if you just critisize the goverment or one of the hariri clasn,then you’re a traitor,and a Syrian or Iranian….
    Where was your freedom of speach when Jumblat and Hariri backed by the Syrians closed MTV,????Where was your freedom of speach when the Rafic Hariri,with Roustom Ghazali shut down NTV and arrested Tahsin Khayyat????where was your freedom of speach when Mariam L Bassam was brought to court by an ambulance by Minister Charles Rizk????
    Only if anyone touches the almighty dictatorship of The Future Empire than there’s a breach of freedom of speach….
    And then please go tell that shrieking witch Sahar Khatib to shutand her mouth….She was addressing the Chias,and “tabbe7on jmileh”,when the ones who invaded Future Tv are the Kawmi Souri,but she unleashed her sectarian anger on the chias,this fanatic witch….she showed her true sectarian face….and dare she talk about being objective…

  • Suzanne

    @Libanus, what makes you think that Hezbollah would have been finished with if Israel would have stuck to the south?

    And I doubt Israel will attack Lebanon – for no particular reason – again. I doubt that they will make a stupid mistake twice. I think Israel expected the Lebanese government to help them – at least morally, but instead they exposed condemnation for what Israel was doing (already from the start).
    If Israel gets no international bystanders in this matter but get international condemnation for every fart it lets go, i doubt they will help Lebanon.

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  • Ghassan Haddad

    We are here to stay

  • salim

    all you mediasavvy crackheads control is the blogosphere, because the streets belong to the RESISTANCE