Resisting The Resistance

Can Hezbollah maintain control of hostile Beirut?

Hezbollah the occupiers… Looks familiar? (Photo: Reuters)

The impressive invading powers swept through the place and all defenses melted away. No, I’m not talking about the Americans who initially breezed through Iraq 5 years ago, I’m talking about Hezbollah’s “Gaza scenario”: The purge of the Future Movement’s offices, social centers, MPs residences and media last night.

Apparently, the Future Movement’s security personnel “dropped their guns” and “ran away” at the first sights of Hezbollah soldiers. Even Future TV, March 14‘s pulpit has stopped broadcasting for fear for the safety of their staff. But have we seen the end of this? Will Hezbollah maintain its control on Sunni neighborhoods? Of all people, Hezbollah should know better.

5 years later, the Americans have learned that their mission was not accomplished. Expect the fight for Beirut to begin in earnest later with the distinct trademark of an occupied population: Hit and run. Meanwhile, Future TV will resume broadcasting soon (Maybe from Tripoli?), but what matters is this: The world has seen the real face of Hezbollah.

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  • AbuHatem

    You are absolutely right. It will be very difficult. We have to see first what they are doing, if they are trying to occupy Beirut (the Gaza scenario) or if they are just having some skirmishes. You never can know. I think by the end of the day we will have a clear idea, they have occupied West Beirut for the most part according to LBC, al-Jazeera, al-‘Arabiyah, and CNN.

    This was a really big move by Nasrallah. Remember however, maybe they are not trying to take over. If they really do have a “revolution” like Sawt Lubnan is saying right now then it will be a huge deal. It will set off a huge security dilemma in the Middle East – “if Lebanon can fall, we can too.” It creates a “Shiite crescent,” and a big bargaining chip for Iran to change the status quo and improve its position.

    Right now on LBC they are discussing Khomeini’s theory of neo-marxist Shiite revolution in 1979. It is almost thirty years later, but it seems like they are trying to get it through.

    They are saying that the army will fight back. I think one thing we learned in the civil war is that taking over Lebanon is pretty hard. Remember Amin Gemayl, Michele ‘Aoun, et. al. back in the day?

    But the situation is different today. March 8th has all of the weapons, and the army is weak. Who knows, maybe some will defect. But I don’t think they are that stupid yet.

    We aren’t sure that they are going to try to occupy Beirut. To be sure, its entirely possible. In three hours in North America will be the morning news. Lets just hope the headline is: Beirut falls, Khomeinistan is born.

  • AbuHatem

    *Lets hope the headline ISNT!!! Of course! Messed up there…

  • Ado

    Steif you should correct yourself….not “the Future Movement’s security personnel “,but the Future Movement’s militia….hehehe…did you hear the interview with the new Wahabbi Future Militia…how they confessed …..hahaha
    COWARDS,did you see Jumblat and Hariri like frightened puppies?????When they want to ignite a war they should be able to keep up with it….not theow the country in a blood bath….
    Well yes Steif,i’ve seen the real face of Hizbo militia,but i’ve seen the face of the Futur Movement militia…..
    Is that the country they promised us to build????Why should we believe them when they praise Hizbo and do an alliance and go for elections with????Why should we believe them when they change their mind and start bashing them?????Should we act like militias when we face Hizbo militia and fake using the democratic ways????Should we use the Syrian occuption regime ways to rule?????
    No steif i don ‘t agree that Hizbo thugs should rule the country,but i don’t agree too that Hariri,Jumblat,Seniora,and Ja3ja3 thuggs should be left alone….
    I don’t see a country with Hizbo thugs,neither weith 14 feb thugs….

  • Roch

    From Tayyar website:
    12:03 ?????? : ????? ???? ???????? ?????? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???????

    Hmmmm, nice one…

  • Ace

    This was always the fear of the weapons and of course – it has come to pass. Nasrallah promised he would never turn his weapons against Lebanese but most did not understand at the time that he is the only one who decides if you are a “real” Lebanese. Those he wants to eliminate get to be transformed into Israeli. He actually mentioned this in a speech last year so it can’t have been a surprise. I’ve said all along that he had no choice but war – internal or external, it was all that was left for Nasrallah.

    The people are scared – and with good reason. It’s very unlikely that Hezbollah will be able to hold Lebanon and follow the Iranian plan with the Sunni, Christians, Druze and probably a good number of Shiites against them.

    The mask has indeed fallen. Let’s all see how far he pushes it. The goal has to be to frighten the PM and Ministers into fleeing the country so Nasrallah can take control of the Serail and the Government. They should flee to the Christians instead. Let’s see Nasrallah and the Orangettes attack the Christians. That will be a PR death for him for sure.

  • Jeha

    We’ll see.

    The consequences of a Hezb’O’victory are already upon us; in Lebanon, sell Lira, buy dollar.

    I fear that the lives lost are lives that were meant to be spent, to reel Hezb’O in. Now that they rule the place, what will they do with it? How will they “hold” it?

  • Amir in Tel Aviv

    Defeatists, cowards, spineless.
    Shame on Lebanese.!

  • anthemboy

    i agree in some part with amir in tel aviv, but not in the derogitory tone. i do believe that the lebanese need to stand up ONCE AND FOR ALL against hezbollah/syria/iran. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! you guys are letting them walk all over you. this has got to f-ing stop!

  • Yaeli

    Resist! For the love of g-d these murdering terrorists are trying to overthrow the legitimate government and to turn your country over to Syria and Iran. If these terrorists have their way there _will be no_ Lebanon.

  • Blacksmith Jade

    …the real face of Hizballah indeed.

  • MK

    Hey Mustapha…you still think Jouzou should shut up??

    and we should be nice, polite and civil with those animals????

    i think the cavemen example that i gave last time is perfect..

  • MM

    Beirut is burning and it is under siege and the army is CLEARLY run by pro Hizbollah officers. Harriri should call on the army commander and warn that unless the army acts like an army and protect ALL its citizens then Harriri should go on TV and beseech ALL the SUNNI officers in the army, all the SUNNI residents of Lebanon, and all the SUNNI Arab world to come to the aid of their occupied brethren in Beirut. This has gone long enough.

  • Jester

    From Al Manar:
    Sunni forces in Beirut contacted al-Manar TV to express relief that their city has become free of mercenaries. They also expressed regret that the Mustakbal militia has deceived young men working in security firms and brought them from northern Lebanon under the pretext of protecting some institutions.

  • MK

    MM…No not all sunni…

    all sunni, christian, druze and every shiite that believes in lebanon should stand up and resist Hezb al shaytan…every lebanese patriot should stand up to this madness

  • Another Mustapha

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  • George

    Sick people……….
    Sick country………

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