• Bronx-man

    Since one of the 2 factors given by Hezbollah for taking to the streets was the government threat to close down their private telephone network, I’d like to put out this idea for comments. They are saying that the network provides them with “secure” communications and that its elimination would expose the Resistance to Israeli intelligence. The basic premise for anything military is that the opposition always
    finds ways to counter the threat. What I find curious in this case is that the U.S. was already interecepting communications throughout the Cold War (and still does so). And the technology has advanced considerably. The few stories that have surfaced involve, among other methods, the use of submarines to tap into underseas cables which transmitted high level USSR military communications. My point here is two-fold: If a submarine can intercept traffic from a “secure” undersea cable, then Israel can certainly handle the current setup. Secondly, while Hezbo states that it holds this private network as one of its most important weapons, it probably never occurred to them that a tapper would never announce his accomplishment because that would close down a valuable source of information. The Hezbos are, at the end, useful tools for people who have wider visions and ambitions.

    No question about Syria and Iran; the thing for Lebanon to be scared of is when it’s time for “payday” – when the owners request payback on their investment.

  • http://jehasnail.blogspot.com/ Jeha

    nooo, this is just a coincidence.

    The photos just happened to be there.

  • John

    It’s a shame Hizbollah has not stopped yet. Hariri’s offer was a reasonable one but most likely they want to put the other players under a lot of pressure before negociations begin (if they do…). The Syrian president’s pictures are raised again, what a shame to all the Lebanese and especially those Christians supporting the Militia. I wonder if there’s a plan behind all this by March 14. The recent events show Nasrallah as a terrorist who is turing his Iranian weapons on his fellow Lebanese. The situation is quite grave. At least we can express our opinion, and make it clear that the anti-Hizbollah group are the majority!

  • http://jehasnail.blogspot.com/ Jeha

    … For now.

    Wait till they get a hold of some of us “opinion expressers”…

  • Tom

    Israelis invading Shia south “go israel says Beiruit spring”
    Hezbollah striking the west beiruit hq of the folks allied to the USA (Israels biggest military funder) – “boo Iran”.
    When do you realise you are just as much a puppet as they?

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  • MM

    Beirut is burning and it is under siege and the army is CLEARLY run by pro Hizbollah officers. Harriri should call on the army commander and warn that unless the army acts like an army and protect ALL its citizens then Harriri should go on TV and beseech ALL the SUNNI officers in the army, all the SUNNI residents of Lebanon, and all the SUNNI Arab world to come to the aid of their occupied brethren in Beirut. This has gone long enough.

  • Mustaqbal office has bad coffee

    Well well well,

    Mustapha, you and you poofter tarik jadade ‘panthers’ (pussy cats is more appropriate): surrendered after two days to Hezbollah themsleves (you would think to the lebanese army to try save some face!), and if ot that, fleeing with their tales in between their legs: pathetic, and nothing but an abysmal embarassment, not not to lebanon (because your are not lebanese, you are money-loving saudis), but to yourselves: typical.

    Look at your pro-israel leaders: escaped like typical botches and deserted their people: shows what stupid partisans you are.

    I was just standing here in the middle of Tarik Jadidr (now Tarik Nasrallah) and the Amal boys are disapointed there is no other ‘panthers’ to murder: i guess time flies when your enjoying yourself.

    Hariri, his dollar-worshipping wahabbi shieks, Jumblatt (who is already backing down like the bitch he is) and pathetic-at-fighting 19 year old Mustaqbal idiots, ALL TODAY UNDER NASRALLAH’s FEET!

  • JoseyWales

    Hariri’s offer was a reasonable

    Hariri is a f%%cking idiot way over his head. The time for offers came and went over a year ago.

    Hezbo is playing 3-dimensional chess and planning 10 years ahead.

    M14 morons are living one day at a time and counting on Rice and Moussa to save their ass. Well guess what? Where is their ass now?

  • O.C.

    Mustafa youd better deactivate the comment section for today. It is enough sadness for people like us for today.

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  • http://jarrarsupariver.blogspot.com CMAR II

    [MM] all the SUNNI Arab world to come to the aid of their occupied brethren in Beirut

    Fat chance. The “Arab Street” and the Ummah could not care less about misbehavior in the Middle East unless it can be construed as caused by the US or Israel.


    Strange. When Israel was (for it’s own self interest) trying to break Hezbollah’s grip on Lebanon, so many Lebanese said “We’ll take care of Hezbollah later. Right now Israel must be stopped.”

    Okay. Well, Mission #1 accomplished. Mission #2 doesn’t seem so easy. Maybe the forces of democracy in Lebanon could use some help.

  • anonymous

    Wow, then I guess Iran has the majority of the people and the army on its side.

    Because none of them want to help Siniora.

  • Ballout

    isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

  • http://jarrarsupariver.blogspot.com CMAR II

    In a logical world, the Lebanese Army would have cooperated with Israel to eliminate HA once and for all. But logic does not rule the world. In most cases, irrational bigotry does….hello Beruit.

  • Fester

    This is a sham, a scam, these so called photos of yours. So the “terrorist” who is supposed to be a hizbullah guy, is wearing the “Palestinian” scarf, and raising a photo of Bashar.

    OK boys and gals, who consider themselves smart. Have you ever played “spot the mistakes” in the photo before? Let’s play.

    P.S. I am not with what HA is doing at all, and I condemn it. But please people, do not insult my intelligence!

  • http://beirutspring.com Mustapha


    Follow the source link to my photos and take your objections to Reuters

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